These are unprecedented, extremely trying and scary times. Even though the coronavirus vaccine is purportedly right around the corner, it’s not here yet, and many people’s lives are still upside down. These extreme disruptions of routine, it’s said, are having psychological effects on us all, but it’s also changing some of our most entrenched patterns. Not being able to go where we need to is a downright inconvenience, but people are adapting.

For instance, those who cannot safely reach a local drugstore should not overlook the option of online pharmacies. They are always open, will often have a greater selection, and are usually a fraction of the cost – especially the Canadian-based options, like PricePro Pharmacy.

COVID is dramatically changing our shopping habits

Whether it’s the social distancing mandates, outright fear of contracting the virus, or simply a matter of taking prudent precautions, millions of people are using the internet to do their shopping rather than their cars. People are ordering everything from their groceries to their guitar lessons over the internet.

Postal services worldwide are breaking capacity records every month. It’s no surprise that businesses of every variety, including pharmacies, are creating or optimizing their online presences, both to attract new customers and to accommodate the new needs of the customers they have. It’s not safe to be going out right now, handling money, hoping others wear their masks, etc., and internet shopping is saving us from all of that.

The advantages are growing on us

It’s a strange thing: it may have begun that our increased use of internet shopping was a last resort sort of solution, but now we’re loving the advantages, and many believe this trend will only slightly taper off when the danger of COVID has passed.

For instance, when you shop at an online pharmacy, you can get about everything you might normally buy from a large supermarket – not just prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications, first-aid supplies and condoms, but beauty products and perfumes, cleaning and bathroom supplies, stationery and novelty gifts, even housewares and clothing. Consider these advantages that only apply to shopping online:

  1. You can search, choose and buy quickly; or you can browse, consider, and save to your cart for later;
  2. You can order things as you think of them, or create a long list and order all at once – neither gas prices nor how much you have to carry are concerns;
  3. You can save money – either by their normally lower prices, by shopping for deals and sales, or by ordering in bulk;
  4. You can almost always find the stock you need when traditional stores’ shelves may be empty;
  5. You can avoid impulsive, checkout aisle purchases;
  6. You can buy the brands you know or try a huge selection of competitor brands.

A final thought
When you think of shopping online, don’t forget that you can do the same thing with pharmacies. Since a pharmacy is more likely to attract customers with illnesses, they may be the best store to avoid right now anyway.

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