Did you know that Medications can be Shipped? Would you consider Mail Order Prescription if it was more convenient, as well as safe? Well, that’s pretty much how it is. However, some serious outliers have brought a bad image to the World of Delivery Medication. So we’re going to change that.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about mail order prescription. So that you can make an Educated Decision shortly.

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Traditional vs Mail Order Prescription

For traditional prescription, a healthcare specialist will call a prescription into your walk-in, local pharmacy or you can simply bring the prescription on your own.

A Pharmacist will then fill it, check your insurance and then let you walk free with the medication. For mail-order, a healthcare specialist will send the prescription to the pharmacy, which usually works with your insurance agency and the pharmacy’s benefits manager.

Your prescription will be filled by mail order, checked with insurance and then the medication is sent out to you and delivered to your door. Co-pays will vary based on what type of pharmacy you’re using.

Co-pays also depends on the insurance arrangement you have, so make sure to be aware of your coverage when choosing between mail order or traditional prescriptions.

Consider Mail Order Prescription

In general, mail order prescription are not as expensive. These pharmacies work with your health plan, meaning that your agency can buy the medications in greater quantities from the manufacturers.

Mail Order Prescription usually come with a 3 month supply, which also helps you save money. This simply means you need to fill the prescription less often, so you don’t spend as much time or effort on them.

Many of these pharmacies have 24/7 service offerings via their phone or website. This is very useful, especially if you have more questions about medication outside of regular working hours.

If you want to have your prescriptions delivered to you, mail order is a no-brainer. Depending on the insurer, discounts can be quite substantial, particularly when it comes to generic medication that you would use for serious conditions.

For those types of medication, you can order a 90-day supply of the drugs for a very reasonable co-pay. In some cases, you can get your supply for $0, including the shipping.

But before you do sign up, you need to make sure that you will benefit from it. This means you have to compare your insurance agency pharmacy fees with those provided by local pharmacies. 

Many insurance providers have their 90-day supplies at similar prices that are available at local pharmacies. For instance, if Shoppers is your PBM, you can buy your 90-day supply at CVS at the same price. Check with your health plan to see where you can get the best rates for 90-day supplies.

Mail Order Prescription Safety

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Seemingly low prices can be a good sign of some problem. For instance, if you usually pay $150 for your medication and you can get it for $10, be wary.

It can mean the drugs are sold outsides of the States, and they are not approved by the FDA.

When you visit the pharmacy web site, make sure that they have a VIPPS seal. The abbreviation stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites. If it’s there, that means the site was approved and screened by the NABP.

If the pharmacy has a pharmacy extension at the end of their address, it’s most certainly an OK location to buy from. Only pharmacies that follow the law can make use of that domain.

Your seller should also be located in your own country. Ensure they are registered and licensed with your state. Visit NABP to find out. You can also check their license information on the website. If they don’t have it, be wary.

Check for Pharmacist

Another thing to look out for is pharmacist presence. You should be able to talk to one online, over the phone, or by email. See if they have a 1-800 number, call them, and ask all the questions you might have.

It’s suggested that you fill your prescriptions at the same location/website all the time. You will be able to get to know them, and it will be easier to recognize any potential problems, such as using drugs that you cannot use together.

When to Choose Your Local Pharmacy Over Mail Order?

If your medication is reasonably priced at your local place, and you have a good relationship with the staff, as well as your are happy with their service, then you don’t really need to change.

However, there are many reasons why someone would want to switch. In some cases, local is better. Big-box stores come with generics that are deeply discounted, and you don’t even need insurance. Walmart has a 90-day supply of generics for $10.

Because mail order usually comes with 90-da supply each time, it takes about 2 weeks to get it delivered, mail order might not be the right choice who needs the medication instantly. 

Also, if someone needs a couple of doses of a medication, a 90-day supply will do them no good. An example of such medication would be antibiotics or post-surgery medication

Online Pharmacy have staff ready to assist you, as well as answer any of your questions, but if you prefer a face-to-face and personal experience, stick to your local pharmacy.

Your Choice, Your Pharmacy

Now that you know everything you need to know about mail order prescription services, as well as their safety, you are well on your way to make a decision. 

In any case, if you think that mail order might be beneficial to you, why not try it out? You can always cancel your subscription, or simply not order if you’re dissatisfied. But the likelihood of that is slim to none.

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