You may have never heard the word glyphosate, but chances are you’ve ingested it. This widely utilized herbicide is the primary chemical used in Round Up weed killer and is found in about 75% of our food supply. Considered a root cause of many health issues, Glyphosate has been linked  to inflammation, poor digestion, leaky gut, fatigue, auto-immune disorders and non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Glyphosate is classified as a carcinogen in California and a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Applying it to plants helps regulate growth and ripening while eradicating invasive species of weeds. This discovery of the detrimental effects this chemical can have on people was the catalyst that changed the way one health coach and her family looked at what they put in their bodies.

A Toxic Chemical Wreaking Havoc

Sonia Magruder was tired. The stress was becoming unbearable between running a successful real estate and house flipping business with her husband, managing rental properties, and caring for her mother, who had health challenges. She was gaining weight and suffering from insomnia, consequently waking up each day exhausted. She knew something had to give and began researching ways to help right the ship, health wise.

True to her role as a caregiver, Sonia initially began to research nutrition solutions for her mother. What she found ended up kicking off a life-changing road to healthy living for Sonia and her husband, Doug, not to mention a new career path helping others lead healthier lives.

A Life Change

Sonia and Doug began a regimen of sticking to non-GMO, organic, and superfood products to rehabilitate the gut and flush the damaging glyphosate from their systems.

Soon, the weight started to come off, and the couple felt worlds better.

Sonia was all in. Feeling as if she had found a magic bullet to fight a toxic chemical that was negatively affecting millions of people, she decided to become a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Soon after, she began her own health coaching business and started singing the praises of organic solutions to gut health. Leaving her successful real estate business to become an even more successful health coach was a leap of faith, but one that has brought many rewards, personally and professionally.

Sonia’s passion project is teaching people how to care for their gut health and find their way back to looking and feeling healthier.

Eliminating the Toxic Chemical

“Our gut microbiome is where the good and bad bacteria reside,” Sonia said on the We Are Women Empowered podcast, “so when there’s an imbalance, and there’s more bad bacteria there, a lot of times people will have sugar cravings, they’ll have poor digestion.”

All of this combines to create the perfect storm of gaining weight, feeling bloated and having poor digestion –exactly how Sonia and Doug felt before changing the way they approached food and wellness.

One key to eliminating glyphosate and improving gut health, Sonia emphasizes, is eating organic as much as possible.

“Seventy percent of our immune system is in our gut,” explains Sonia. Avoiding processed foods and eating organic are the first steps to start healing the gut and prevent the adverse effects of glyphosate.

In addition to an organic diet and drinking filtered water, the introduction of the right supplements can drastically improve gut health and overall wellness. Sonia and Doug use one supplement in particular, that contains pre- and probiotics, along with an ingredient blend proven to remove the toxic chemical glyphosate and also reduce inflammation levels.

Despite studies illustrating the harmful effects of glyphosate on the body, it continues to be widely used. To people like Sonia and Doug, arming themselves well with an organic diet, filtered water, and potent supplements is a no-brainer.

Sonia and Doug help people live healthier lives and help others “design the life of their dreams” on their website at

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