Are you experiencing chronic heart-related health issues? Are you having trouble finding the right cardiovascular disease specialist? Look no further that Dr. Ariel Soffer in Aventura, is an expert in cardiovascular disease treatment and well decorated in his specialty with leading success in his medical career.

Dr. Soffer has profound knowledge in his expertise and compassionately handles his patients’ acute health problems with a keen interest in practical and assured treatment results. To experience this ideal cardiovascular health solution with Dr. Ariel, book an appointment via the online tool or call any of our offices today.

Dr. Soffer’s Biography

Educational Background

Dr. Soffer graduated from the University of Miami with a distinction in a medical degree. Later at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Ariel finished his prestigious residency program in Los Angeles at the University of California. He is among the few licensed cardiologists in California in nuclear cardiology after completing a fellowship in cardiology.

Specialization and Certification

Dr. Soffer, M.D., FACC, is board certified in internal medicine and cardiovascular and has a membership in the American College of Cardiology. Dr. Ariel has a specialty with a range of treatments, diagnostic evaluations, and testing for cardiovascular disease problems at his Soffer Institute Health, with various offices in Weston, Hialeah, and Aventura, Florida. He as well offers extensive, effective, and significant vein care. He is well skilled to recognize other doctors such as Dr. Oz Mehmet of “The Oz Show” for treating cardiovascular complications during a TV experience calling him “The World Expert.”

Dr. Ariel has continuously shown passion and commitment, fully dedicating his time to treating varicose veins and venous circulation disorders. He is also a good advocate for circulatory problems’ awareness among other cardiologists. In the peer-reviewed medical journals, he has also published two landmark articles on vein conditions.

Other Responsibilities

With profound knowledge in his specialty field, Dr. Soffer also has a responsibility to lecture other surgeons and cardiologists on various cardiovascular conditions at an international level through a prestigious venous program that he heads. The Medicare and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Dr. Soffer’s work on enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) as an alternative to bypass or angioplasty surgery. He is the publisher of mitral valve prolapse syndrome presently available on Amazon.

Dr. Soffer also extends his skills by imparting them to other specialists in cardiology through the training he holds in laser ablation techniques. He is among the very first proficient cardiologists in vein treatment by the use of lasers.

While at Soffer Health Institute, Dr. Soffer uses up-to-date advanced technology to provide sufficient diagnostic services and customization in treatment schedules to maximize vascular function and general health.

Some of the comprehensive health care services offered at Soffer Health Institute include treatments in:

  • Spider and varicose veins.
  • Restless leg syndromes.
  • Poor leg circulation.

Dr. Soffer and his team also provide extensive services such as treatments on facial rejuvenation using Cynosure Icon, Cutera, and Venus Viva to target health problems such as vascular lesions, sun damage, varicose veins, and age spots.

To get Dr. Soffer’s exemplary health care and cardiovascular disease treatment, book an appointment using the online tool or call any of our offices today.

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