In the track of Covid-19 pandemic, people have been following the required cares like the use of masks, social distancing, insignificant personal interactions, and more. Despite the awareness of these measures, Nutrition Tips for Covid-19 Recovery is actually important that one should maintain a healthy immune system to fight the new Coronavirus infection and other diseases. The immune system is necessary for our survival. 

Without it, our bodies would be risky as many bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more can attack. Nutrition Tips keeps us strong while we come across a large number of the bacteria, virus, or other elements that can cause disease. Those who have been infected with coronavirus usually have common signs such as cough, breathing problem, and shortness of breathing. 

With every viral infection, from the common cold to the flu to Coronavirus, sufficient nutrition is vital to maintain your body’s immune system and help quick recovery. Inadequate nutrition can weaken your immune capacity and increase your chance of getting infected from Coronavirus. 

Nutrition Tips is important for the distribution of energy sources such as macro nutrients, and for maintenance of essential physical manners provided in section by micro nutrients. Now coronavirus cases are increasing more quickly, therefore, many people are taking the advice of health consultants to maintain a good immune system

There are some home care and nutrition tips by Lavleen Kaur for Covid-19 recovery in mild cases. 

Dietary Guidelines

Keep your body hydrated

Hydration is the very first thing which you need to consider when your body is fighting with coronavirus infection. In order to maintain the intake of fluids, you can include vegetable juices and vegetable soup. You can include any seasonal vegetable in your soup. 

Also, you can add some Indian spices and herbs like ginger, black pepper, turmeric, but it is vital to use the right amount of these spices and herbs. These days people are getting very conscious due to coronavirus so that they are using every type of spice in a large amount. 

Besides, fresh coconut water (not processed one) is also a good source to keep your body hydrated. And for the intake of vitamin C and for hydration as well, lemon plays an important role. You can take lemon water once or twice in a day. 

For herbal tea, you can use 7 main Indian herbs and spices; ginger (1/2-inch piece), turmeric (1/4 spoon each time), black pepper (2-3), cinnamon (1 stick), cloves (1-2), cardamom (1-2), and holy basil leaves (3-4). Make sure you do not take this herbal tea more than 2 times in a day.    

Intake of protein

At the time of recovery, when your body is fighting with infection, you need to provide good calorie content to your body. You need to include protein-rich foods in your diet. Cottage cheese is a good source of protein. 

Moreover, you can include oats and quinoa in your diet. Make sure you choose a soft form of food for dinner. For your lunch, you can include protein-rich food like cottage cheese, sprouts, or any similar food. 

Vitamin C food

Guava is the best source of vitamin C and this is easily available. You can take this fruit in the mid-morning time or around 4 pm. Another best source of vitamin C is Indian gooseberry or amla which you can add in your vegetable juice. 

Besides, you can take any seasonal fruit which includes vitamin C. If you are not able to take vitamin C through the fruits, then doctors suggest the supplements. 

These are some dietary tips suggested by Lavleen Kaur, one of the best dietitians in India. Apart from it, there are some home care tips that you can follow to cure coronavirus infection. 

Home Care

Use Oximeter

An Oximeter is a tool for measuring the balance of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood. You can keep it at your home to know the oxygen level in your blood. 


The second thing you need to do is gargle twice in a day; early morning and before going to sleep. You can do it with warm water by adding some turmeric. 

Take enough rest

The best recovery is done by enough rest and proper sleep. So, make sure your sleep is proper.


In order to take care of your lungs, you need to practice some easy exercises like balloon exercise, breathing exercises, and meditation. Keep your mind positive.


Regular meditation provides us with the strength to fight with the problems, whether they are physical or mental. So, if we follow all these things carefully, some deity guidelines and some home care, we can recover from this coronavirus infection quickly because our body needs good immunity to fight with coronavirus. Hope these tips will help you.

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