Today awareness regarding mental health and well-being is commonly known and understood by people worldwide. Doctors, experts and psychiatrists do everything in their power to let people know about the significance of having a healthy state of mind, what can cause a troublesome state of mind and how you can either take precautions to avoid it or cure it.

Such information regarding mental health and lifestyle changes are readily available online and on different health and fitness blogs. Because of the spread of awareness and the importance that is given to this topic many people have become quite alert and literate on how they can help themselves and their loved ones.

There are many measures that a person can take to ensure that their loved ones are doing alright; and there are a lot of facilities available as well that are created solely for the purpose of aiding such troubled individuals. While we strongly recommend that professional help must be sought in case of an acute problem.

We would like to focus this article on one of the many solutions that doctors, experts and psychiatrists pay a lot of importance to; exercise. Exercise should become an important part of every individual’s life because of the many benefits you can get from it, mentally and physically

As far as physical health is concerned exercise helps to reduce weight, burn off access or high levels of sugar in the blood, lowers cholesterol, improves blood pressure, makes your bones and muscles stronger, improves stamina and encourages a healthy and efficient flow of blood throughout the body.

These physical advantages that you can get from exercising will solve most of your mental problems as well as you will begin to feel more confident, you will think more clearly and you will feel productive and active. So put on your exercising shorts and get ready to head out the door as soon as you read about the advantages!

Other positive effects that exercise can have on your mental health include:

1 Reduces Stress Inducing Hormones:

Considering we lead a very busy and stressful life due to the pressures we get from work and home, whenever you take stress or become on edge about something a chemical called cortisol is distributed in your body that not just causes an individual to feel terrible and low yet additionally settles down in the mid-region zone making fat form in your mid-region.

However, when you exercise such chemicals are step by step diminished in your body. Not only will exercising help you feel better and more productive but will also help you reduce weight.

2 Creates Happy Hormones:

Being active will likewise help increment the degree of “positive” chemicals in your body like endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine. These chemicals, as the name recommends, are liable for gratifying an individual. This is the best reason for any individual who is attempting to dispose of their nervousness and stress, to take up exercising as an ordinary side interest.

3 Improves Sleeping Patterns:

At times when an individual is experiencing uneasiness and stress then they are additionally experiencing difficulty falling asleep. At the point when you exercise you will in general get worn out and exhausted, and this will additionally help you rest peacefully.

4 Rejuvenates Confidence:

One way an individual can know without a doubt that they are disposing of pressure and nervousness is that they start to have a positive outlook on themselves. At the point when you begin exercising and being active you feel precisely that way as you feel new and restored. Furthermore you will want to dress up more and go out and socialize more as well

Some of the exercises that we strongly recommend and believe will definitely help you feel better about yourself include:

1 Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way of relaxing and taking time out for yourself; yoga consists of a set of exercises that focus on your breathing and helps you relax and stretch your muscles. If you are someone who has a very busy schedule and a hectic routine, doing yoga for even 15 minutes before bed or early in the morning will definitely help you a lot.

In those 15 minutes you will be able to really concentrate on your breathing and will get time out to just clear your mind and think about your plans and how to go about them. Plus stretching your muscles and working on your postures will help improve blood flow that will help you think clearly.

2 Swimming

Swimming is definitely one of our favorite exercises to do; not only is it refreshing but it helps you feel active and alive as every inch of your muscles will be working out! Swimming will give you an excuse to concentrate and just take some time out in peace for yourself and really enjoy the water on your skin!

3 Combat Sports

Combat sports such as karate, mixed martial arts, boxing and the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are excellent for battling mental health issues; such exercises help you treat your stress and anxiety as they give you a chance to face your fears directly and also learn new skills.

4 Team Sports

Team sports help encourage the feeling of being at home and having a mutual goal to achieve with a group of likeminded people. Not only do you learn a new skill, sharpen your techniques but you feel like you belong somewhere and are needed; such feelings are always very important for people who tend to suffer from depression and have abandonment issues.

5 Aerobics

Aerobic and other dance like sports help in boosting your self-esteem and just let you have fun while you remain active! This is the best excuse to have to do on the weekends because this is a healthy activity that will keep you on your toes and help you have fun and just let loose!

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