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what is yoga? A Brief History Of Yoga

History Of Yoga

Yoga combines the mind, body, and spirit to give you more than just a physical workout. Yoga is a practice that has evolved throughout its history and is strongly rooted in tradition. Originating in India, A Brief History Of Yoga dates back centuries, and evidence of its teaching can be found in many sacred texts. The practice of Yoga is estimated to be over four thousand years old, and while it has evolved since its origins the basic principle of fitness for the mind, body, and soul remains the same today.

The changes in yoga teachings are pretty apparent with its introduction in western society. Yoga Vinyasa used to be a guarded secret, but as centuries passed, Yoga started to become popular worldwide. In the US, it’s the most popular overall form of exercise program across all target demographics. With an emphasis on the mind, body, and soul, Yoga became more than just a way to work your muscles. It quickly became a way to better one’s spirit.