Regular health check-ups are key to preserving your health and wellness. When it comes to women’s health, you need those well-woman exams to evaluate your reproductive health. It is helpful to detect any potential health risk, including abnormal symptoms.

Having a certified expert to evaluate your health is critical in getting the right treatments. LEEP in Atlanta is a treatment to remove abnormal cells in your cervix. If you have abnormal cells on your cervix, it is best to talk to Ideal Gynecology, LLC for a consultation.

What is LEEP

What is LEEP?

LEEP or loop electrosurgical excision procedure involves removing abnormal cells from your cervix. Your provider at Ideal Gynecology, LLC usually recommends a LEEP after your Pap smear results show precancerous cells in your cervix.

The procedure may be a treatment or diagnosis. LEEP is good for diagnosis because it provides a larger tissue sample than a Pap smear or biopsy.

During the procedure, your provider numbs your cervix to ensure you are comfortable. Then uses a thin device with a small metal loop electrically charged at its tip. Once the electricity heats the loop, the device can collect the outer layers of cells of your cervix.

How to prepare for LEEP?

There are no special preparations for LEEP. However, your provider at Ideal Gynecology, LLC may recommend taking a meal and over-the-counter pills you usually take for menstrual cramps before your procedure.

What to expect during LEEP?

Once you are set for the treatment, your provider requests you to change into a gown and gives you a sheet to cover over your lap.

Then you lie on an exam table, in a reclined manner like when having a pelvic exam and Pap smear. The next step involves inserting a speculum to hold your vagina open during the procedure.

Then your provider injects local anesthesia into your cervix and puts on a grounding pad to your leg. Once the anesthesia starts functioning, your provider uses the LEEP device to take a round section of your cervix. If any bleeding occurs, your provider may use an iron solution and heat to stop it.

What to expect after LEEP?

It is possible to experience cramping after LEEP. You can use over-the-counter pain killers to manage your discomfort. You are also likely to have some abnormal vaginal discharge for as long as two weeks.

The discharge appears like coffee grounds or a used condom. But, as time goes by, your discharge becomes thinner and lighter.

You should contact your provider right away if you develop fever, severe cramping, or heavy vaginal bleeding.

It is best if you avoid sexual intercourse, douching, tampons, or any vigorous exercise for not less than two weeks after your LEEP. Your next period can be heavier than normal.

Contact a gynecologist and a LEEP specialist today.

If you have abnormal cells in your cervix, you may need a LEEP to remove them. The procedure is safe and painless. Contact Ideal Gynecology, LLC to schedule your appointment.

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