Are you a woman in her late 40s? Are you experiencing changes in your body, especially in your breasts? Are you wondering how to cure it if you are affected by breast cancer? Or how can one get affected by this disease? Then it is best to know about the disease and its symptoms of breast cyst beforehand.

Breast cancer is not predominantly hereditary and happens due to abnormal growth of the cells in one’s breasts. At this age, bodily changes are imperative, and you may grow breast naturallyHowever, it is better to be prepared for such ailments so that you can cure them before further complications.

A common ailment for women in their late 40s is breast cancer, and as of 2018, approximately 2.1 million people have been affected by it. If you find any unusual changes in your breasts, then you should look for all the usual early signs and get professional help in time. To find out the usual first signs of breast cancer, it is recommended to go through the following section –

Top 8 Early Signs of Breast Cancer –

As mentioned earlier, it is normal to see changes in your body. However, if you notice any abnormal development or gradually you are having a small breast size, then it is necessary to get help. Before consulting with an expert, if you want to know about the early signs of breast cancer, then you should go through the section below –

1 Changes to the skin’s texture –

One of the earliest signs of breast cancer is a change in the skin’s texture. Sudden inflammations in cells can cause such changes. You might notice scaly skin around the nipple and areola areas, or your skin is getting thick on different parts of the breast.

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Such changes can cause irritation on the skin, and you might feel itchy. However, it is not recommended to scratch those areas and apply recommended ointments by an expert doctor. 

2 Lump –

An alarming symptom of breast cancer is finding lumps on one or different areas of the breasts. It is regarded as the first sign of breast cancer. Such lumps are easily visible and may inflict discomfort on one’s breasts. 

3 Breast or nipple pain –

As breast cancer happens due to sudden changes in skin cells, one feels tenderness, pain and discomfort in the breasts. Even if you do not have other cancer symptoms, you should not ignore such discomforts and should get the necessary help immediately. 

4 Nipple discharge –

Other than breastfeeding mother, it is a bit unusual to experience nipple discharges. Nipple discharges can happen from different health issues or as a side effect of medications. A few of the reasons why one can experience are as follows –

  • Breast infections
  • Medical conditions, such as thyroid 
  • The side effect of birth control pills
  • Variations in body physiology

Even if you don’t take birth control pills or do not suffer from ailments like thyroid, you should consult with a doctor soon. It may not lead to cancer, but suffering from any infection will cause you further discomfort. 

5 Redness –

The sudden changes in your skin cells can affect the color of the skin on and around your breast. Redness is a common occurrence if someone is experiencing skin cell changes. However, in breast cancer, you may also notice discoloration or even blue-ish pigmentations.

6 Nipple retraction or inversion –

The skin behind your nipples can change due to breast cancer, which can alter its size. Pay attention to the size of your nipples if you have other symptoms.

7 Dimpling –

Cancer cells can cause swelling of lymph fluid in the breast, which can lead to dimpling. It is recommended to get professional help if you see such changes in your breasts.

8 Lymph node changes –

In simple words, Lymph nodes are small and rounded collections of immune system tissue that filters fluid and confine harmful cells. Once a cancer cell leaves the breast, it gets attached to the underarm lymph node of the affected breasts.

Such swelling leads to swelling. Therefore, it is necessary to check for swelling or lumps around your underarms if you have the early symptoms of breast cancer.


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