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What is Alzheimer's disease, trend health

What is Alzheimer’s disease?

Everything you need to know about Alzheimer's disease Alzheimer’s disorder is a physical disease. It hits the brain. It is named after Alois Alzheimer, the...
Plant Based Proteins

Plant Based Proteins and their Revolutionary Future

Plant based proteins: the food of tomorrow? Whether for environmental, ethical, economic or health reasons, plant-based food has more and more followers. Plant based proteins are...
Facial Plastic Surgery

Common Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures which can Improve your Appearance

Do you have asymmetrical facial features and wish to correct the irregularities? Fortunately, you can opt for different facial plastic surgery procedures. A facial...
Sports Injuries, Trend Health

How to Treat Sports Injuries? The Role of Physio in Sports

No doubt playing sports improves health and reduces stress. But to maintain fitness, you will need the help of a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy...
About Gut Health, Trend Health

What You Need to Know About Gut Health?

Having a healthy About Gut Health is crucial if you want to live a long and happy life. Therefore, it is a...