What to Eat During Breast Cancer Treatment?

Breast cancer is not a stubborn disease that cannot be prevented and treated. If detected early, the chance of cure will be high. Nutrition for Breast Cancer Patients

Foods to Prevent Breast Cancer

  1. Drink more soy milk to prevent breast cancer: Soybeans are rich in protein. Some studies indicate that women who regularly drink soy milk have significantly reduced the female hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body. The high concentration of estrogen is closely related to breast cancer. The study found that women who drink about one liter of soy milk daily for five months have a 30-40% lower estrogen concentration than those who do not drink soy milk.
  2. A low-fat diet is an essential factor in reducing the fatality rate of breast cancer. A survey conducted by Harvard University for 12 years, with more than 120,000 women participating in the study, showed that if you already had high fat intake before breast cancer, the mortality rate would increase by 70%. Still, if you are already a breast cancer patient, you will change fat. There is no apparent correlation between intake and mortality, indicating that the daily fat intake should be reduced to less than 30% of the daily calorie source.

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Patient articles

  1. Among Breast Cancer patients, those with high protein intake reduced the mortality rate by about 35%. Among them, white meat-eaters were better. The survey did not find that red meat eaters reduced the mortality rate, so Nutrition for Breast Cancer Patients they ate chicken, duck, and fish. Better than eating beef and pork. Eating more vegetables and fruits has a similar effect.
  2. Studies have reported that citrus and lemon contain a limonoid substance, which can fight breast cancer and lower cholesterol in animal experiments, and the bioflavonoids in the orange peel can also be used to prevent breast cancer. In the 100% fresh juice that is common in the market, the manufacturing process will retain these ingredients in the juice.

Disease Prevention Foods that Fight Cancer

  1. Carrot Juice
  2. A glass of 8 Ounces of fresh carrot juice contains three times the recommended amount of carotene, but only 70 calories. Many studies have pointed out that eating foods high in Beta-carotene can reduce the incidence of breast cancer.
  3. 1% fat milk
  4. Why Not Skim Milk? Because milk fat contains a compound conjugated linoleic acid, in test tubes and animals, this compound can fight breast Cancer, and low fat is the basic principle of diet.
  5. Salmon
  6. Salmon contains a lot of Omega 3 fats, and studies have shown that taking more Omega 3 can help women fight breast Cancer. Anchovies and tuna are other excellent choices.
  7. Orange juice
  8. Limonoid compounds are found in the skin of oranges and white fibrous membranes, which can inhibit the growth of breast cancer in test tubes. The commercially available orange juice contains these compounds because they are squeezed violently during manufacture.
  9. Cereals
  10. Women who eat a grain containing high wheat bran daily will lower the estrogen level that causes breast cancer.
  11. Olive oil
  12. research shows that women living in the Mediterranean have a lower incidence of breast cancer related to their dietary habits of eating large amounts of olive oil.
  13. Garlic
  14. In the experiment, garlic can kill breast cancer cells. However, it is best to peel and chop before cooking and wait ten to fifteen minutes before cooking. If it is heated immediately, it will not produce substances that fight cancer cells.
  15. Spinach
  16. Women who eat spinach at least twice a week have half the breast cancer incidence as those who do not eat spinach.

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