Science seems to discover Foods to Prevent Breast Cancer that may deal with cancer every day. Why not add such foods to your daily diet and start accumulating something good for you?

Also, here are some things to do for breast cancer awareness. It’s very important to be more aware about this issue.

17 Foods to Prevent Breast Cancer

  1. Carrot Juice

A cup of 8 oz fresh carrot juice contains beta carotene which is 300% of the daily recommended amount (and only 70 calories). Many studies have pointed out that eating foods high in BETA carotene will reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

  1. The Two Pickled Carrot

to eat fast food with pickled prepared radish blocks. Like all broccoli families, indole-3-carbinol contained in white radish can reduce the level of estrogen in women, which can promote the growth of breast cancer.

  1. A Cup of 1% Fat Milk

Heat a cup of 1% fat milk, add a quarter teaspoon of almond extract, and enjoy while sleeping. Why not skim milk? Because milk fat contains a strange compound called conjugated linoleic acid, this compound can fight breast cancer in test tubes and animals.

  1. Tomato Juice

Tomato contains a compound called Lycopene. The high content of Lycopene in the diet is related to reducing the incidence of breast cancer. Consulting with a dietitian

  1. Salmon

If you see salmon on the restaurant menu, please click it. Salmon contains a lot of omega-3 fats, and research suggests that women with high levels of omega-3 in their tissues have a lower incidence of breast cancer.

  1. A Variety of Vitamin D

In the diet with vitamin D higher for women, less incidence of breast cancer, to ensure achieving the recommended intake level every day, experts suggest adding a multivitamin daily in healthy recipes.

  1. Pineapple Carrots

A four-ounce carrot and a 6-ounce can of cold pineapple juice are added to a covered jar and shaken thoroughly for ten seconds to make a drink containing 129 calories. The beta carrots contained in carrots are easily absorbed by the body.

  1. Orange Juice

There is a compound called Limonoids in orange peel and white film, which can inhibit the growth of breast cancer in test tubes. Commercially sold orange juice contains these compounds because they are strongly squeezed during manufacture.

  1. Rye Biscuits

Try rye biscuits instead of biscuits made of refined flour. Many varieties of biscuits are made from 100% rye. The spinach soup is delicious. A study showed that women who eat refined grains have a higher chance of getting breast cancer.

  1. Cereals

If you are not ready to eat pure bran cereals, mix your favorite cereal and the two most important types of wheat bran whole grains plus fiber or fiber half each. Women who eat a serving of grains high in wheat bran a day will lower the level of estrogen that causes breast cancer.

  1. White Tuna Salad A Salad

made of canned white tuna in water, which is rich in omega-3 fats. Omega-3 can prevent breast cancer in the current test.

  1. Green Tea 

Green tea contains EGCG, a compound that can inhibit breast cancer in mice.

  1. Olive Oil

Try half olive oil and half balsamic vinegar to make your seasoning. There are some olive oil seasonings on the market that are mixed with multiple oils and should be selected carefully. Studies have shown that women living in the Mediterranean who consume large amounts of olive oil have a low incidence of breast cancer.

  1. Garlic

In the test tube, garlic can kill breast cancer cells, and perhaps also breast cancer cells on your body, but before cooking garlic, it is best to peel and chop and put it on for ten to fifteen minutes, heating immediately If it does, it will not be able to produce substances that fight cancer cells.

  1. A Spinach Juice

study found that women who eat spinach at least twice a week have half the incidence of breast cancer as women who do not eat spinach. Add ounce frozen spinach to a quarter cup of low-fat mayonnaise, a quarter Three cups of nonfat cream and two teaspoons of cheese. Add a few tablespoons of 1% milk to thicken the sauce and refrigerate for another hour. It becomes a sauce containing only 70 calories, 2 grams of fat, and 1 gram of fiber per quarter cup.

  1. Vegetable Patties

Delicious vegetable burgers and sausages will not contain the same compounds as cooked meat-these compounds may explain why women who eat a lot of red meat and well-cooked meat seem to be more likely to get Breast cancer.

  1. Anchovies

Anchovies are rich in omega-3 fats.

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