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What are the Basic Recommendations for a Diabetic Diet?

Whats a diabetic diet?

Diabetes itself does not have much lethality, but the complications caused by diabetic diet are fatal. In addition to drug treatment, patients must pay special attention to diet to effectively control the condition. The following are dietary guidelines related to diabetes:

1.Reduce sweets

Diabetes should try to reduce sweets, such as candy, honey, soft drinks, cakes, etc. It is better to eat less or try to use sugar substitutes to reduce the body’s absorption of sugar.

2. Eat more fiber food

Cellulose has the function of reducing blood sugar, so you can choose some foods with high fiber content, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, brown rice, whole-wheat bread, and cereals, etc Helps digest and remove toxins from the body.

3. Eat less high-fat foods

to avoid ingestion of high-fat foods, such as fried foods, hot pot. In the case of festivals, some seasonal foods such as rice cakes, moon cakes, and dumplings should be consulted by dietitians before eating.

4. Reduce cholesterol absorption and

avoid eating foods with high cholesterol content, such as internal organs, eggs, etc. The cooking oil used for cooking is best to replace lard and tallow with vegetable oils such as peanut oil, corn oil, and olive oil because of the cholesterol content of vegetable oil Lower.

5. Reduce the absorption salt

The a normal diet used to reduce the amount of salt, salty foods easily lead to increased blood pressure, while eating less refined or processed foods e.g. plum, candied fruit, so as not to increase the burden on internal organs.

6. Prevent blood sugar lowering

Some patients need to inject insulin or oral medicine to lower blood sugar. They should eat a small amount of food before taking medicine to prevent low blood sugar from causing discomfort.

7. Drink less. People with

diabetes should drink less. If you can’t avoid drinking at a wedding reception or socializing, remember to stop drinking.

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