Symptoms of type 2 diabetes

It is among the deadliest and most chronic diseases worldwide. “Tricky” seem to be the most appropriate word to describe  diabetes. Symptoms of type 2 diabetes are often vague. One may not even know they have the disease until it becomes chronic. In that case, if you Have Type 2 Diabetes may already have degenerated and complications already manifesting.

It can be alarming to this point, and so “deadly” type 2 diabetes, it is. The symptoms of diabetes also develop slowly and gradually. In most cases, it even takes a few weeks to a few months till the symptoms show.

People with diabetes are more prone to develop other illnesses as well. Among them are heart disease, eye failure, kidney damage and heat stroke. Type 2 diabetes is also known as Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes, and it is more likely to beset those aged 45 years old and above. For most of these people, the disease can be vague.

They wouldn’t know they have it until the symptoms start to occur. And by these symptoms, it means “serious” symptoms already. Often it may be hard to detect diabetes, and early treatment and intervention may not be easily employed.

What happens to your body when you have type 2 diabetes?

For one thing, the disease is initially difficult to ascertain. In some cases, this diabetes may be determined when one has fallen ill and has to undergo treatment. How is it to determine then when one has this sort of diabetes? It usually doesn’t come so easy, but one can be keen about the following symptoms.

It can possibly be non-insulin dependent diabetes when one frequently goes to the restroom and has failing eyesight. The same can be said with having a sore throat that does not easily heal, constant feeling of exhaustion and feet agony. Some medical conditions may have symptoms similar to that of type 2 diabetes.

What’s more, these Symptoms may not even show unless one has high blood glucose levels. Symptoms of Diabetes are often not too obvious. And so there is a large percentage of people who may not be aware that they have contracted the disease. The fact is, type 2 diabetes is the more common among the types of diabetes.

As earlier mentioned, it is also chronic and can be deadly. Those with the disease are posed at higher risk for developing Cardiovascular Diseases. Non-insulin dependent diabetes can be acquired through heredity. But other factors such as obesity may aggravate it or bring it about.

How do you reverse Type 2 diabetes?

Those with pre-diabetes are also apt to develop non-insulin dependent diabetes in a period of 10 years. As with most other diseases though, early detection and intervention can greatly reduce the likelihood of complications. Employment of medications for this diabetes is dependent on certain factors.

They may be age, family history, medical history and one’s current medical conditions. Controlling and subduing the disease entails that one exercises regularly and keeps to a healthy diet. That way, the disease can be managed and will not likely to degenerate. Setting limits and restriction often pays in warding off ominous diseases such as diabetes.

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