Common Symptoms of Diabetes remain ignorant of the fact initially that they have a lifelong disease because the diabetes signs in the early stages seem harmless and can be confused with mild sickness. A person needs to know about the diabetes signs because if it is controlled during its initial stages its severe consequences can be prevented.

Here we share some of the most Common Symptoms of Diabetes which should not be ignored easily.

Common Symptoms of Diabetes

Feeling of Excessive Thirst

Excessive thirst is one of the most common diabetes signs. So, if you feel hungry all the time and the reaction has been the same for times it may determine that you may have diabetes.

Passing the Urine Excessively

Urinating excessively is one of the very common diabetes signs. So, if you should be visiting the restroom further often than common, especially at night it may symbolize that you may have diabetes as this is a pretty common symptom of diabetes.

Feeling Hungry

If you feel hungry most of the time and the feeling is continuous for days it may indicate that you are developing diabetes as feelings of hunger are known diabetes signs.

Blurred Vision

If sometimes in the day you get blurry visions it may indicate that you are developing diabetes as frequent hazy and blurry visions are diabetes signs.

Feelings of Extreme Tiredness

If you have had proper rest and still you are feeling tired extremely may indicate that you have diabetes as feelings of extreme tiredness are common diabetes signs.

Loss of Weight

Weight Loss without trying is one of the common diabetes signs.

Dryness of the Mouth and Skin

If you have had sufficient water and besides your mouth is working dry and also if you should dry skin it may mean that you have diabetes as Dryness of mouth and skin are very common diabetes signs.

Having a Foul Breath

Bad breath, fruity bad breath odor are common diabetes signs.

Itching Around the Penis and the Vagina

If you feel itchy around your penis or vagina most of the time it may indicate that you are a diabetic as this is a diabetes sign.

Wounds That Heal Slowly

If your wounds heal slowly it may mean that you are a diabetic as diabetes slows the wound healing process and this is a prominent diabetes sign.

Redness of the Gums in the Mouth

Common diabetes signs include redness of the gums or having swollen or tender gums.

If you or anyone you know; friends or family show or have these diabetes signs visit a doctor immediately for a diabetes diagnosis.

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