There are numerous types of yoga, and Hot Yoga practitioners only try one or two types of yoga during their lifetime. However, it’s always a good idea to challenge yourself and your practice by trying various types of yoga regularly. In this article, Russell Herbert Jack, a Southland yoga trainer, goes over five reasons why you should try hot yoga if you’ve never tried it before.

Hot yoga involves practicing at an above average room temperature. Although it may not seem like a big difference, hot yoga brings some unique benefits by making you sweat in the process. The room is usually heated between 80 and 100°F (27 and 38°C). It includes different poses traditionally taught during yoga classes, so you won’t have to learn new specific Yoga asanas for this yoga type. Let’s go over some reasons why it’s a great idea to try hot yoga.

Reason #1. The Detox

We regularly hear about the importance of detoxification and various diets that help our bodies to clear out toxins. However, not many people know that our pores can absorb and pass through toxins that are not being handled by our livers and kidneys. Heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury are found in sweat after exercise or saunas. Hot yoga provides an opportunity for your body to let go of toxins that it has accumulated over time.

Reason #2. The Glow

Hot yoga studios often resemble saunas. By sweating during your session and exposing your skin to moderate steam, you improve circulation and bring oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. Your skin will feel refreshed and renewed; just make sure to clean your face with your favorite cleanser to get rid of any excess buildup after your session.

Reason #3. The Cardio

Some people may not feel challenged by a regular low-impact yoga practice. Hot yoga, on the other hand, provides a tremendous cardiovascular boost. It gives your heart, lungs, and muscles a more challenging workout compared to regular yoga practice at a normal temperature.

Reason #4. The Weight Loss

It is believed that traditional yoga practice does not help with weight loss as much as some other activities such as running or HIIT. Although some types of yoga do not provide this benefit, hot yoga increases your heart rate and helps you lose weight. A study from Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal revealed that women burned around 333 calories per one 90-minute slow-moving hot yoga session. If weight loss is one of your primary goals, try a more fast-moving yoga session, and you will notice the difference.

Reason #5. The Lung Capacity

When you attend hot yoga sessions at least once, you will notice that you breathe differently. Since you are exercising in a room with higher humidity, your lungs have to work harder to retain more air. Taking deep breaths helps your lungs to expand and oxygenate your body.

There are many benefits to practicing hot yoga similar to a regular yoga practice, such as increased flexibility and balance, reduction of back pain, stress relief, improved bone density, and more. But there are also unique features about the practice that you may want to try out at least once to see if you like it!

About Russell Herbert Jack

Russell Jack, Southland Yoga Training Founder, left environmental sciences studies at the University of Otago to pursue his passions as a mindfulness and yoga teacher. He enjoys learning and writing about spirituality, meditation, and the vegan lifestyle and sharing these valuable insights with his clients. Russell is devoted to living in harmony with himself and with nature and conveying these skills to others.

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