TMJ can be a painful condition in which the pain occurs where the jawbone meets the skull. It controls the movement while chewing, speaking, and opening your mouth. The most common cure is the combination of cold and heating pads, anti-inflammatory medicines, and a soft diet.

If you are experiencing this medical issue, you need to contact a qualified doctor who can prescribe the best treatment for TMJ in Dundalk. This joint is the most used joint in your body and it can really be troublesome to get this pain. Some of the treatment options are mentioned below:

Heat and Cold Therapies

Most of these therapies aim to relieve the spasm and tensions between the joints. This will ease the movements and a person is able to carry out the tasks easily. If the main cause of this problem were due to an accident, the cold pack would be better.

Physical Therapy 

It is important to move the jaw so that a person should not feel uncomfortable while chewing food and talking. That’s why it is suggested to keep doing physical therapy by opening and closing the jaw. Massaging the jawbone also gives some relief from the pain and discomfort. This way, the motion and strength of the jawbone will be regained.

Jaw Rest

One of the best ways to avoid pain is to offer rest to the jaw. You should not chew gum, hard foods such as nuts and candy. All of these foods put extra pressure on the jaw, which causes too much pain. You should stick to healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, which are easy to chew. 

Managing Stress

If you want to relax your muscles, you should refrain from taking any stress. Due to this, the nervous system gets tensed which is not good for the bone structure. Apart from this, yoga and stretching exercises also relax your muscles. Some of the stress management groups also work towards relieving pain and discomfort. Stress-related medicines also help in achieving your target.


If nothing else is working out for you, your doctor will suggest some painkillers so that you can get rid of the pain. You should take medicines if they are prescribed by your healthcare provider.

In worse cases, your doctor will suggest surgery. However, it will be the last resort. It is suggested to report to your doctor as soon as you start getting this pain.

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