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What Makes Neuramis Light Lidocaine Injections Better Than Skincare Creams?

Beauty procedures are now deeply integrated into the daily routines of many individuals, both men and women. However, many still believe in silly stereotypes and are concerned that some treatment methods can harm them rather than help.

Even though these popular myths can be quickly dispelled by simple facts, many people are afraid of injectable solutions and prefer less effective skincare creams instead. Let’s review Neuramis Light Lidocaine produced by the Medytox manufacturer to find out why skin fillers are better for rejuvenation procedures.

Key Advantages of Neuramis Light Lido Fillers over Creams

  • Penetration depth: Similar to other quality skin fillers, Neuramis Light is administered through injections. This enables the solution based on hyaluronic acid to reach the deeper dermal layers and target them more effectively. The presence of Lidocaine makes this process pain-free for patients. 
  • Moisturizing effect: While facial creams can be used to boost skin hydration, it takes longer for them simply because they cannot deliver the necessary volume of active agents through a single application. Neuramis Light delivers all the necessary ingredients to boost skin hydration over a single session.
  • Targeting specific areas: Creams are applied topically all over the face, while the filler from Medytox can be applied to only those facial areas that raise concerns for the patients. Thanks to this it becomes easier to correct wrinkles in such difficult-to-reach areas as the eyes zone. Also, injectable solutions can be effectively used to moisturize the skin on the neck, back of the hands, and chest.
  • Long-Lasting Results: The use of topically applied creams is a daily routine that requires a long period of time to achieve the first visible results. Fillers, on the other hand, provide long-lasting effects after a short series of treatment sessions. 

In the case of Neuramis Light, patients shouldn’t be afraid of permanent effects that might not meet their expectations. The technology of Neuramis Light targets only mild dermis, which prevents potentially severe side effects common for other fillers. Nevertheless, specific contraindications remain relevant, so it’s necessary to consult with a specialist before the procedure.

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