Do you have asymmetrical facial features and wish to correct the irregularities? Fortunately, you can opt for different facial plastic surgery procedures. A facial plastic surgeon reshapes the facial structure like the nose, ears, chin, cheekbones, and neckline. You should look for a Surprise facial plastic surgeon who is certified and experienced in facial plastic surgery. These surgeries will improve your appearance and give you the confidence you need. Let’s read to learn more about the corrective procedure.

Types of Facial Plastic Surgery

  • Facelift

It involves the removal of excess facial fat, tightening your facial muscle, and stretching your facial skin. The surgery may last two to four hours, although the procedure may take longer depending on the surgeon you visit.

  • Forehead lift

The surgeon will remove the excess fat and skin and then tighten your forehead muscles. The surgery is usually done with facelift plastic surgery to get a smoother facial appearance.

  • Eyelid lift surgery

When your eyelids are loosened or sagged, this is the best surgery you can get to correct it. The procedure involved by the surgeon includes the removal of excess fat, muscle, and skin from both your upper and lower eyelids.

  • Ear pinning

If you feel that your ears are too large, this type of surgery can correct the size. This type of surgery is also used to set your ears closer to your head.

  • Hair replacement surgery

Hormonal changes cause hair loss among many people, and surgeons can correct this through hair replacement surgery. However,  this cannot help if you are suffering from total baldness.

  • Nasal surgery

This type of facial surgery includes areas outside or inside the nose; the initial choice recommended for nasal obstruction is medical treatment. Where the medical treatment is not successful, surgery can improve the nasal airway.

  • Facial implants

The surgery will involve the change of the shape of your chin, cheek, and jaw to enhance your facial features. An implant may be inserted to redefine the appearance where you need to reshape your chin or jaw.

Side Effects of the Surgery

  • Nerve injury

The injury can affect the nerves that control the muscles; this effect is never serious but can cause temporary paralysis and result in an incompatible facial expression.

It can cause exfoliation, especially after a facelift. The facelift can interfere with the facial tissue’s blood supply, causing flaking.

  • Hematoma

A hematoma is the collection of blood under the skin, causing some swelling due to facelift surgery. These facial surgery side effects mostly happen 24 hours after surgery.

  • It can cause allergic reactions.

It is good for you to know the types of allergies you have before you get the surgery because surgical instruments that surgeons use can cause some allergic reactions.


Facial plastic surgery that you can have to correct the various structures of your face. An aging face, fine lines, wrinkles, and injuries can impact your self-esteem; however, you should see a plastic surgeon to correct the flaws. Once you have decided on the type of surgery, the surgeon will educate you on the procedure and schedule your surgery.

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