Naked Yoga is slowly gaining popularity worldwide. Controversial as it is. Still, some people give good comments to the said activity. To know more about this fad, let us first dig its root. Yoga, in its purest sense, is Meditation, more than its Physical side of the activity. 

It is about the UNIFICATION of the Mental, Spiritual, and Physical side. A Communion. Which makes total sense in the aspect of Totality; we need to accept who we are, …which is both spiritual and a physical being. Now that we have understood the root, let us now delve on the Specifics- – What is Naked Yoga? The term comes from the word Naga Sadhu.

The word Naga means naked, and Sadhu, on the other hand, implies one who has renounced himself to the world completely. Thus, the birth of the word Naked Yoga. Now that we know the Etymology of the word. Let us uncover the Benefits of Naked Yoga. This social activity helps in the unity of the mind, body, and soul, which can be very beneficial to those people who have emotional problems. 

This way, they can relax, and later on, gain or discover the solutions to any concerns they are facing. One of the Benefits of such is aiding in the overall enlightenment of the person’s state. This way, the practitioner has been free of social barriers. Thus he speaks in a more profound sense and sees his path much clearer, no longer confused but decided and firm.

To also correct the common belief, Naked Yoga is different from it’s relative to the Tantric class. Therefore there is no sexual connection between naked and practicing naked Yoga. Body Awareness- This here, the practitioner develops a greater awareness of the body and a greater sense of freedom. 

The concept here is that the nakedness removes any sense of restriction. Thus a sense of freedom will be experienced. Psychological freedom- The aim of Naked Yoga here is to be free from inhibitions. Yes, initially, a yogi will surely feel the shame and feel judged by others, but through time, these inhibitions will slowly disappear, and later on, a carefree attitude will emerge. 

In this aspect, the main focus is on the level of psychological freedom. In creating an environment for such activities, one should consider a Warm Room! This makes perfect sense and very logical. Why? Because you’re naked. And you wouldn’t want to have a freezing environment when doing such sessions. Be sure that you lock the doors. It would be a total embarrassment to both parties. The fact that your doing it alone would mean that you wouldn’t want to be seen, right? So do the ocular first. 

Prepare yourself by setting the right ambiance, soft and soothing music, and an aroma that’s right for the act. This and more will surely act as a door to the nonpsychical faculties of your psyche. But overall, remember that the main gist of this is Meditation. So I suggest that those interested in the act must first research and gather relevant information for you to know something about the said activity.

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