There are 5 ways to Control Diabetes

More and more people are getting diabetes.  Some are heredity and some are lifestyle. Physical Activity is the best way to Control Diabetes.  Exercise is great for you to lose those extra pounds to keep diabetes under control.  Losing weight is hard but persistence pays off. 

Aerobic Exercise and resistance training can help.  You can do this at home with all the videos or go to the gym.  If you are at the gym you will have more motivation and tend to do the work.  Getting fiber and whole grains in the diet.  Fiber reduces the risk of diabetes by lowering the blood sugar, lower risks of heart disease, and losing weight. 

Fiber foods are vegetables, fruits and Walnuts.  Whole grains are breads, cereal and pasta.  If it says whole grain on the package, then it is good for you.  Lose weight, can’t mention that enough.  Losing weight is better for overall health.  Don’t do any fad diets, they help you lose weight but if you don’t make the right food choices then it will not help with diabetes.

Recap  5 ways to Control Diabetes 

1   Exercise

2   Eat plenty of fiber

3   Eat whole grains

4   Lose weight

5   No fad diets

Always see your doctor for wellness visits.  This is so important to do.  Blood tests are a must to determine if there are any issues with your health.  If you have diabetes and it is severe where the 5 ways to control doesn’t help, your doctor might put you on medicine to control it.  Another thing the doctor might put you on is insulin.  If you can follow the 5 things listed to get it under control, that is better for you.  That is a good start to staying healthy.

Blood Glucose Meter and Tests Strips

When a person has diabetes, the doctor will recommend using a blood glucose meter to measure their blood sugar.  You need the supplies to go with the blood glucose meter. The blood glucose meter should have a bag so you can keep all supplies you need in one place when you are going to check your blood sugar level.  Makes life easier to manage. 

One that has a large display on it will be easier to see the results of your blood sugar.  Make sure you get an FDA approved one for the best accurate results.  Your doctor will tell you how many times a day you should test your blood sugar.  This is a good way to keep on track with your diabetes. 

There are certain things you can also do every day.  Take any medicine that is prescribed to you.  Check for swelling in your feet, and legs.  Check for blisters and cuts.  Brush and floss your teeth at least 2 times a day to keep teeth and gums healthy.  If you smoke stop the habit.  Most important check your blood sugar.

5 Types of Diabetes

Severe Autoimmune Diabetes Severe Insulin-Deficient diabetes, Severe Insulin Resistant Diabetes, Mild Obesity Related Diabetes and Mild Age-Related Diabetes.   The diabetes you hear about the most is Type 1 and Type 2.  Type 1 is hereditary.  If you can keep type 1 under control it can help you from going into type 2 diabetes

If you do everything you are supposed to do and listen to your doctor it will help you stay well.  Make sure you do get the blood glucose meter to measure your blood sugar.  This will show you where you are at and be able to have better control of your health.

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