Birth Control and how it affects your body

When you are on Birth Control, watching your nutrients are very important.  Birth control and other medications can deplete your body of what you need to stay healthy and well.  Birth control has all kinds of side effects.  You can have headaches, weight gain, hormones off which can cause issues with temperament, and tiredness. 

The other issue is how long you are on birth control which can produce more intense side effects.  Vitamin B is a good source to start with.  Perhaps also a one a day vitamin with it.  A prescription from your doctor for vitamin B would be better.  Sometimes vitamins over the counter are not strong enough to do the job.  You also need minerals and mitochondrial antioxidants to help get rid of side effects or reduce them to a tolerable level.

When taking Vitamin B, minerals and mitochondrial antioxidants, they will help with a healthy metabolism, boosts your mood, increase your energy level, healthy digestion, more sleep quality, better skin health, hormone balance that helps with mood swings and lastly help your sex drive. 

Some other things to have in your vitamins are magnesium, selenium, zinc, niacin, biotin, thiamine, calcium- D-glucarate, riboflavin, Vitamin C and E, bioperine, sulforaphane, and vitamin B6, B9, and B12.  Even said vitamin B is the most important vitamin.

What all these vitamins do for you?

1 Magnesium: PMS symptoms, digestion, leg cramps, good for bone health, helps sleep, helps with anxiety and blood sugar balance.  There are a lot more benefits to magnesium

2 Selenium: Immune system, a natural anti-inflammatory, thyroid, brain, and energy

3 Zinc: Immune system, skin health, digestion health, and memory

4 Niacin Biotin: Metabolism, weight control, skin and hair

5 Thiamine: Digestive, metabolism, energy, heart, memory, and mood

6 Calcium: Gets rid of toxins in the liver

7 Riboflavin: Eye health, blood pressure, skin health, energy

8 Vitamin C, E, B6, B9, B12: These have a lot of good things for your body.  Healthy red blood cells, nerves, digestion, heart, reduce stress, memory, mood, cell growth, energy, brain, sleep, immune    

9 Sulforaphane: Reduces stress and so much more

You can see how important it is to have enough vitamins to help with side effects of birth control.  People don’t realize how much you can help yourself to stay healthy.  Make sure you check the bottles for supplements you want or should have. 

What vitamins can mess with birth control?

All these vitamins can deplete the body and they are so important to each individual person.  Not everyone gets a lot of side effects or gets different ones.  No two people are alike.  A healthy diet of fruits and vegetables are good for the body.  Stay away from junk food, it’s not a healthy diet.

Birth control is not just for not getting pregnant.  They are also used for post menopausal issues, and helps with skin problems like acne.  If you can get a pill that has all these ingredients in them this would be great.  You wouldn’t have to line up your counter with all kinds of vitamin supplements and keep track of what you are taking. 

Worse would be to take too much because you forget what you took.  Remember over the counter separate vitamins might not have everything you need to take for the side effects you might get when taking the birth control pill.   You want to make sure you stay healthy and feel like yourself.  You will be able to function and live life the way you are supposed to.  Another factor is you won’t drive the family crazy you live with when you have unwanted side effects.

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