Modern couples generally do not want to have children too early, or they will plan well for the next generation. Birth Control (Contraception) is naturally a must. It turns out that there are many methods of contraception, and each has its own Advantages and Disadvantages of Contraception. You should carefully understand and choose the method that suits you and your partner.

The uterine ring is a plastic contraceptive device. Place it in the uterus to reduce the chance of Egg Fertilization.

Principle The
contraceptive device will accelerate the activity of the egg in the uterus, reduce the chance of fertilization of the egg, and also prevent the fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall (implantation). After the female examines the body and disc cavity and is diagnosed to be suitable for the use of the uterine ring, it can be worn by the doctor at a suitable time.

Disadvantages of Contraception ring, trend health

Advantages The
uterine ring is very effective for most women. The contraception rate in the first year can be as high as 99.6%. Coupled with fewer side effects, it is suitable for couples planning long-term contraception. And after taking out the uterine ring, you can give birth.

Disadvantages of Contraception
use of the uterine ring must be checked by a doctor before use, and there will be allergies or discomfort in the lower abdomen at the beginning of wearing and birth control ring side effects. The uterine ring also has a chance to be excreted.

Reliability: ****** (5* is the highest)

Convenience: **

Women who have never given birth, have multiple sexual partners, or have suffered from pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, or vaginitis should not place the uterine ring.

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