Our daily use of cosmetics rarely causes serious problems, but sometimes some Cosmetic Products Safety are used improperly, which may bring unexpected dangers.

Hair spray
in the heat, use water or gas hair sprays smoke is dangerous, it could catch fire and cause serious burns, Hair Loss, hair sprays gas-related injuries and deaths have occurred. Inhalation of gas sprays or powders may also damage the lungs.

Mascara The
most common damage caused by cosmetics is mascara scraping the eyes. If the eyes are not treated after treatment, it may cause eye infections, or may cause corneal ulcers, lashes, or even blindness. For safety reasons, do not apply mascara on driving vehicles.

Makeup tools
Sharing cosmetics can also cause serious problems. Brushes or facial sponges can be contaminated with bacteria on the skin. The problem will be more serious if your saliva wets the brush. Washing your hands before using cosmetics can prevent the cosmetics from being exposed to bacteria.

Artificial nails
If used improperly, the gap between artificial nails and natural nails can create an opportunity for fungal infections, which may cause the nails to completely fall off.

Don’t remove makeup and
bring eye makeup when you sleep. The crisis is very serious. When you sleep, the mascara may peel off and fall into your eyes, making you itchy, bloody, and waking up. At this time, your eyes may be infected or bruised, so you must go to bed before going to bed. Remove all makeup.

Other Cosmetic Products Safety regulations include:

  • Close the makeup box when not in use.
  • Keep cosmetics away from sunlight to prevent damage to preservatives.
  • If you have an infected eye, do not use eye cosmetics if you have conjunctivitis. Discard the cosmetics as soon as you notice an infection.
  • Unless specifically stated on the instructions, do not add anything to the product or mix different cosmetics yourself.
  • If the color of the cosmetics changes or there is an odor, it should be discarded immediately. The longer the time of purchase, the worse the preservative effect will become, and it will become antibacterial.

Cosmetic Products Safety for Eye Makeup

The eyes are the window of the soul, so many women will emphasize eye makeup. However, every year, many women are infected by cosmetics. Therefore, women who love beauty must pay attention to the safety of their eyes while applying makeup.

Here are eight tips for using eye makeup:

  • Remember to wash your hands before using cosmetics, otherwise it is easy to cause infection.
  • Make sure that the eye makeup tools are clean.
  • Don’t let cosmetics get dusty. If you see dust or other dirt, wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  • Do not use old eye cosmetic boxes.
  • Try not to let cosmetics splash into your eyes when applying makeup; be careful not to hurt your eyes or other sensitive parts when removing makeup.
  • Do not share cosmetics with others, because bacteria are easily transmitted.
  • Do not store cosmetics above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If the cosmetics are exposed to high temperature for a long time, the preservatives in them will easily deteriorate.
  • Immediately stop using items that irritate your eyes. In case of any discomfort, you should see a doctor immediately. If you have allergic skin, you should be especially careful in choosing and using eye makeup.


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