Which Fruit is Good for Eyes?

Yesterday we talked about the proper eye care for babies. And as a continuation, we will talk about the proper and natural eye care for young children, but with a little twist. First question; Which Fruit is Good for Eyes? do you still remember your mother’s words when you were dining? Most mothers would usually say, “Sweetie, eat your vegetables” The reason for this is, they all want us to become healthy, simply because vegetables are nutritious and is good for the body.

But during my schooling, I have found out that there is more to it than being healthy. You see, vegetables are good sources of antioxidants, and antioxidants prevent blindness. Which Fruit is Good for Eyes? Now going back to eye care, vegetables can help prevent ocular problems. And in my many years of being a health coach, one of my favorite subjects to tackle is eye care, in which I usually relate it to the family; in the subject of Family Eye Care.

And what better way to prevent such degenerative diseases, than to eat nutritious and healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. You see, the eye is the pride of a person’s face, the jewel of a person, so to speak, which is why utmost care is a definite must for all.

Unhealthy lifestyles such as the burning of candles on both ends, smoking, and drinking are examples of poor eye care, which can or may in the future cause optical problems, and the result is blindness. And I, for one, can conclude that there are two leading causes of blindness (macular degeneration and cataracts), which can be accelerated by oxidation damage.

This oxidation damage is caused by three factors: Vices such as smoking, sunlight, and our metabolism. And the theory in this is; antioxidants like vitamin C and E, as well as beta carotene, can all help neutralize such degenerative disease. The truth is good nutrition and ocular health, really go hand in hand in eye care.

And what better way to ensure this than to eat fruits and vegetables. And with reinforced antioxidant supplements, B-complex supplements plus a balanced and healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet will surely sound great, especially to smokers and “at-risk” patients. The logic here is to delay and even possibly prevent the occurrence of degenerative diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Yes, there are recommended anti-aging therapies out there, but facts are people are still dubious about such claims. So the best remedy is still your mothers’ usual dining spiel, which is “Eat your vegetables.” Lastly, teach the child about eye care as early as possible; always repeat your instructions because this will soon be embedded in their system.

Along with eating vegetables, teach them not to touch the eyes without washing their hands with soap and water. Teach them also not to rub their eyes if a foreign object gets into the eye because the object may go deeper into the ocular tissues. Teach them not to play with sharp objects as well, and never forget to take time in teaching them the reasons behind, like “sweetie, if you do this, you will prevent accidents.”

And never forget to reinforce it with praise like “if you do this, you will be a good boy!” Another thing of consideration is, teach them always to be careful with sharp objects like knives and scissors, teach them how to hand the purpose to the person properly. Most of all, parents should be shrewd and vigilant to their children’s ocular health.

If a child excessively blinks or sits too close to the tv screen, then you need to bring him/her to the doctor, as part of proper eye care. And the most important reminder of all is, “No amount of vitamins will work without your cooperation.” So go on, eat your veggies, have a healthy lifestyle, and be the proud owner of a sparkling jewel—your eyes!

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