An unplanned pregnancy can cause multiple complications in your life. To avoid this situation, it is important to practice safe sex and be prepared by using Birth Control Methods. Contemporary Women’s Care is the place to get all your birth control needs checked to improve the excitement and thrill of a new relationship with your sanity intact. At the center, you get proven and safe methods that will prevent any unplanned pregnancy.

What Birth Control Methods are suitable for a person in a Relationship?

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Birth control methods exist in plenty, and it is up to you, or sometimes your partner, to select the best one for your situation. Avoiding pregnancy is one critical area most people want to achieve, especially if they feel they are not ready to have a child. Various ways you can choose to avoid pregnancy include:

  • Hormonal Methods: These include methods that influence your reproductive hormones to prevent pregnancy. Methods in this category include the pill, vaginal rings, patches, and emergency contraception.
  • Barrier Methods: these involve the use of devices to prevent sperms from reaching the egg. The most common in this category includes condoms, spermicides, and diaphragms.
  • Hormone Implants: special devices in this category include an implant placed under the skin in the upper arm and IUDs.
  • Permanent Solutions: these include sterilization, tubal ligation, and vasectomy.

Some of these birth control methods are cheap and offered at your local drug stores. However, to improve your chances, with additional advice on safer sexual practices you should visit Contemporary Women’s Care, with experts on the reproduction field to answer any of your questions.

Do Birth control pills affect you when used for a long time?

No, you can use the pills for as long as you want, that is, for as long as you do not want a baby. Exceptions only arise when your body cannot handle the pills due to medical or other special reasons. You should consult Contemporary Women’s Care to understand your body’s nature and get other recommendations if you cannot meet the required condition for birth control pills.

Can you get cancer with Birth Control Pills?

Cancers come from other issues unrelated to birth control pills. The pills do not affect any of your cells’ growth, and in unique circumstances, you can actually reduce your chances of cancer with a birth control pill in your plans. 

Can Birth Control Pills Prevent you from Getting STIs?

For the prevention of STIs, you will need to use a barrier such as a condom. Pills cannot help you avoid STIs. You should talk to your doctor if you think you are at an increased risk of STIs, as other medications and ways exist to help prevent any complications by STIs.

Safeguard your sanity with a birth control methods from Contemporary Women’s Care and enjoy your relationships to the fullest. Benefit from birth control pills or any other method in the center with additional advice on the topic. Begin your journey to a safer sex life by calling or making your appointment through the website.

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