Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is any form of activity that requires a rhythmic form of motions, which ultimately increase your breathing and heart rate. This can include anything from jogging to cross-country skiing.

Simple Rhythmic Exercises

The primary characterising feature of an aerobic workout is a continuous level of exercise over a sustained period of time. This fitness regimen should be done using only moderate intensity, like you would achieve when going out for a jog or steady bicycle ride.

The constancy of an aerobic workout makes it the ideal training method for stamina based sporting disciplines as well as for people looking to increase their own personal fitness levels.

The beauty of aerobic exercise is borne out of its simplicity. You can achieve a good workout simply walking up and down your stairs, following an aerobics routine in your front room, or if you prefer, you can get some professional home gym equipment to help challenge you and monitor your progress.

Working Out At Home

If you do prefer to exercise from within the confines of your home and particularly if you want to concentrate on a particular exercise plan, then home gym equipment could well offer the best option.

Fair-weather fitness fans will soon grow tired of getting wet and cold in the inclement winter months, and gym fees quickly add up, particularly if you can’t always get there due to other commitments. This often makes professional quality gym equipment the ideal long-term solution to your aerobic exercise requirements.

Cardiovascular machines, such as rowers, treadmills, cross-trainers, steppers and cycling machines give a great aerobic workout. By maintaining a constant level of exercise and moderately increasing your heart rate for between 20 minutes and an hour 3-5 days a week, you can give you cardiovascular system a healthy boost.

Vary Your Routine

You should always make sure that you enjoy your workout routine, so always try and keep a bit of variety in your exercises and find equipment that will maintain your interest. By varying your exercise you can also help ensure that your body doesn’t become too accustomed to the same monotonous movements, leading to a plateau effect in your fitness drive.

If you have a rowing machine and find yourself tiring of the daily routine, why not throw in a few sessions on an exercise bike, go for a swim at the local pool or even get out and doing some ice skating? This can really help break things up and keep your workout fresh and exciting.

As with most exercises, you shouldn’t try and do too much when you’re first starting out. Rushing straight into a 60 minute bicycle ride, row or run can often do more harm than good, not least because it can be hugely demoralising if you realise that your fitness isn’t quite.

where you thought it was. Start off slowly and build your fitness through a progressive routine of aerobic exercises; and remember that you can always do short 10-15 minute sessions and spread them throughout the day to build a cumulative workout.

Keeping Safe Whilst Exercising

Warming up before doing aerobic exercises and warming down afterwards is vital in ensuring that muscles are supple enough to safely complete the workout and have no stiffness after its conclusion.

If you have weak joints or are carrying a little excess weight then you may want to consider low impact exercises such as rowing, swimming or cross-training. Higher impact activities like jogging can damage weakened joints and cause inflammations in the tendons leading to injuries such as tendonitis.

If you become dizzy during your aerobic workout, take a long break and take on some fluids to re-hydrate your body. If you incur an injury or dizziness persists ensure plenty of rest and if necessary consult a doctor.

Muscle strains can often be temporarily treated by applying heat to the affected area, but your GP will be better placed to inform you if there has been any permanent damage. When injured, allow plenty of time for recuperation, you don’t want to rush back and aggravate the injury further.

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