While Bariatric surgery in Long Island or anywhere in the US is a reasonably safe procedure, it requires some preparation. Not only will being prepared for the surgery allow you to avoid complications, but you can also get the maximum benefits from your weight loss surgery.

When you are preparing for your weight loss surgery, your surgical team will be monitoring you closely to make sure you are prepared for your bariatric surgery. However, there are certain things you can do in the form of preoperative care to make sure your weight loss surgery procedure goes smoothly. So if you are wondering what you can do to prepare this article is for you.

Preoperative care suggested by weight loss doctors in Long Island NY

When patients are about to get their weight loss surgery, their weight loss doctors in Long Island NY tell them about the lifestyle changes they will have to make after the surgery. However, if these lifestyle changes start before the weight loss surgery, they will be easier to maintain afterwards:

Drink more water: While you should take care of your water intake even in normal conditions, it is good to take extra care of your water intake before your weight loss surgery. Drink a lot of water and avoid drinking other beverages such as energy drinks, soda, coffee, cream, or sugary drinks. 

Start an exercise routine before the surgery:

You will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle after your weight loss surgery. However, it is a good idea to start early and incorporate exercise into your routine. This will help you build your habit of exercising, and it will help you make your transition into a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Quit smoking if you are a smoker:

Make sure to quit smoking at least one month ahead of your surgery.  As mentioned above, Long island has plenty of great bariatric surgery centers such as LI Obesity Surgery which means the chances of complications in your weight loss procedure are slim. However, if you are a smoker, you increase the chances of developing pneumonia or other lung-related issues.

There are different ways you can quit smoking, and your doctor can also suggest different ways to help you quit smoking ahead of your weight loss procedure. Other than smoking if you use any other nicotine products, it is recommended to stop using them. By quitting smoking, you can ensure that your bariatric surgery procedure goes smoothly without any complications.

Start learning more about your weight loss surgery:

It is normal to get anxious before a surgical procedure. Knowing more about the surgery you are about to get is a great way to reduce the anxiety. While your surgeon can help you understand the procedure you are about to get, it is still a good idea to read about it online and link up with people who have had it. Doing this will help ease your mind, and you can get some useful information and tips about post-surgery care.

Start to develop healthy eating habits:

Like exercise, you will have to start eating healthy after the procedure is done. So why not start early and develop healthy eating habits beforehand. 

People who still have additional questions about how they can prepare for their weight loss surgery can get in touch with their weight loss doctors in long Island to get more guidance.

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