A properly balanced diet and physical activity improve not only our appearance but also health and mood. Keto Switch has been proven that excess weight weakens cognitive functions and the immune system, increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

Approximately 1.9 billion adults and 380 million children are overweight or obese. The fight with excess weight is often a difficult, arduous, and expensive challenge. Have you tried various diets and have been disappointed by the effects? If so, Life Switcher’s innovative diet Keto Switch could be the perfect solution.

Your body will thank you for Keto Switch

Life Switcher creates personalized meal plans that are made with the use of an innovative algorithm written by IT specialists. Life Switcher’s mission is helping clients achieve their dream bodies through personalized diets, workout plans, and proper supplementation. You can receive all these benefits from one company without leaving the house.

The most groundbreaking solution of this project is the way Keto Diet works. The algorithm allows to quickly adjust a diet to the individual predispositions of each person, taking into account their lifestyle, preferences, and dislikes. To get a personalized meal plan, you only need to answer some questions about your body measurements, everyday routine, eating habits and preferences.

Using the imperative data analysis, the algorithm will generate a perfect personalized 60-day diet plan that contains all the essential macronutrients.

Intuitive and transparent

When the platform was being built, a special emphasis was put on making it simple to use. The main goal of its makers was to create an app with an incredibly intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface. One that would be unproblematic to people without computer skills.

High quality paired with good price

Now, the company LifeSwitcher.com is releasing its services in the English-speaking world. Keto Switch Diet is their first product. In the following months, however, the platform’s offer will be expanded with more diets that the entire team is currently working on.

What’s more, both the algorithm and each meal were created under a dietician’s supervision. Ultimately, Life Switcher’s offer will also include original supplements that will complement meal plans. As befits the makers’ premise, the products are supposed to be affordable to everyone. So we can expect bargains that will surely shake up the market!

Ambitious plans

Life Switcher’s team are young and ambitious people aware of the potential hidden in the platform they have built. Since they are confident about the quality and effectiveness of their weight loss program, they gladly expand and go international with their product. Some might say it is crazy, others brave, but the startup team call it knowing that you are good.

If you want to order your own keto plan and lose weight visit Life Switcher

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