In the United States, over three million new cases of scoliosis are diagnosed annually. Scoliosis affects both adults and children. If you suspect you or your kid has scoliosis, reach out to Patrick S. McNulty, MD, FABSS, FABOS, a double board-certified and renowned orthopedic surgeon and spine expert at McNulty Spine.

Dr. McNulty offers Treatment for scoliosis in Las Vegas to patients of all ages with skilled diagnosis and therapy. Schedule a consultation with McNulty Spine today by calling the office or booking online to find out more.

What Exactly is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an Unusual Curvature in your spine like a side-to-side S- or C- shape. Scoliosis is usually moderate, but if it remains Unaddressed, the curvature could become more serious.


The following are some of the symptoms of scoliosis:

  •         Unbalanced hips
  •         Unbalanced shoulders
  •         Uneven chest wall or breasts
  •         Backache
  •         Rotating spine
  •         Breathing difficulties
  •         One shoulder blade protrudes greater than the other
  •         Becoming shorter

Early detection, as with many medical conditions, is crucial for keeping the issue from worsening.

What is the Reason for Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is divided into several classifications or categories. Scoliosis, for instance, can be nonstructural or structural. Nonstructural scoliosis is a spinal postural curve that is not caused by structural abnormalities in the spine- this may be owing to a considerable difference in leg length. The primary triggers for structural scoliosis include a congenital defect, degeneration, or injury.

Scoliosis is also categorized as congenital, neuromuscular, degenerative, or idiopathic. Idiopathic scoliosis has no known trigger and accounts for about 80% of all scoliosis cases in kids. These curves could be asymptomatic at first, but as age-associated degeneration progresses, they might pose issues later on in life. Scoliosis could also be caused by age-related degeneration in adults. This renders it hard to sit upright and makes daily activities challenging.

A spinal abnormality existing at birth causes congenital scoliosis. Whenever the neurological system or muscles around the spine are faulty, neuromuscular scoliosis occurs.

Neuromuscular scoliosis could be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  •         Muscular dystrophy
  •         Cerebral palsy
  •         Spina bifida, among other congenital defects

There was nothing you may have done to avoid your kid from developing scoliosis. Scoliosis, for instance, does not result from poor posture or large backpacks.

What is the Treatment for Scoliosis?

Dr. McNulty delivers individualized scoliosis care based on the seriousness of the curvature, its origin, and the patient’s age.

Kids with a curvature of 25-40 degrees, for instance, could profit from donning a brace to keep the curvature from worsening. Dr. McNulty could, nevertheless, merely suggest regular checks with x-rays to observe the condition in adults or kids with modest spinal curvature.

In Extreme Circumstances where the curve is 40 degrees or more, Dr. McNulty could recommend spinal fusion surgery to straighten the spinal curve. This alternative is Available for kids, Teenagers, and Adults. Dr. McNulty employs cable/screw band anchors, metal rods, and bone grafts throughout spinal fusion surgery to correct and repair the scoliosis curvature.

Dr. McNulty could also offer youthful patients the FDA-approved Tether System that rectifies the curvature while allowing mobility and eliminating or avoiding the need for fusion surgery. If surgery is required, the technique typically has great results, both straightening the curvature and lowering scoliosis discomfort.

Are you concerned about your scoliosis in Nevada? Contact McNulty Spine for exceptional diagnosis and personalized care today.

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