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Health Benefits of Matcha, Trend Health

5 Health Benefits of Matcha

Over the past few years, matcha has exploded in terms of popularity. Today, you can find Health Benefits of Matcha drinks offered...
Green Tea And Coffee, Trend Health

How Green Tea And Coffee Helps In Weight Management?

Green Tea and Coffee – these two are probably the most sought-after and popular choices when it comes to morning beverages. Some...
A picture of a medical school student leaving a building, starting to prepare for residency placement. Residents Medical

Residents Medical: Helping Medical School Graduates

Founder and Chief Academic Officer (CAO) Dr. Michael Everest sits at the helm of Residents Medical Consultancy, a pioneer in helping medical school graduates...
The HFEA Consultation and Fertility Law

The HFEA Consultation and Fertility Law

As you may have heard, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has recently completed its consultation on fertility law and fertility testing. Fertility...
Eat Seafood, Trend Health

Eat Seafood to Prevent Food Poisoning

Eat Seafood :-P , not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients. However, in the past ten years, sea areas around the...