Work stress is a common phenomenon for different health issues and occurs in almost every organization. Constantly experiencing too much pressure on the boiler can be very harmful to your health in the long term. It is therefore in your best interest to keep stress at work in check to stay healthy.

When your head is full of worries, thoughts, and ideas, Reducing Stress seems impossible to relax. You feel tense, there is a heavy feeling in your stomach, you get all kinds of strange ailments and you don’t seem to be able to shake it off.

Stress is harmful as it not only does it make you less happy, it also negatively affects countless processes in your body, including your immune system and your metabolism. In addition, a burnout is always lurking if you do not change the situation. However, reducing stress isn’t difficult, it just requires a bit of discipline. Apply the tips below and allow your body to regain balance. Before you know it you will be relaxed again, and you can take on the world again!

Consumers enjoy watching Tiktok

Consumers are four times more likely to watch a video about a product than read about it, according to research by Animoto. Also, nearly 50 percent of consumers are more likely to read a newsletter with links to videos than a newsletter where these are missing. In short, your consumer or visitor might / probably like to watch videos. You can also use tips on how to get more tiktok fans to entertain your viewers. 

Reducing Stress with Tiktok

Because why should you as an organization start with online tiktok video? What does it actually benefit you? And should you take the step because otherwise you will be left behind? Or can you still do without videos in your online communication? In this blog we list the most important advantages for you.

For a few days now, TikTok content creators have made videos of school classes doing a crazy dance together. They all dance to the new song by DJ Tony Junior and post a video of it with #destressdance.


The idea behind it is that children can de-stress for a while through the dance, if they are concerned about corona. Reporter Milou went to look at group 8 of primary school De Feniks in Groningen, and that is where most children find it quite uncomfortable.

Such de-stressing with TikTok is due to following reasons:

Video content sticks better

Not only do consumers prefer to watch an online video, the content also lingers longer. Three days after watching an online video, nearly 60 percent of viewers still remember what the video was about, compared to 10 percent when it comes to a text they have read.

Image says more than a thousand words

Emotion is better conveyed with images than with text. So there is a good chance that your video will touch the visitor or customer more than a text. In addition, you can better explain complex services if you make them visual, and you score well on user-friendliness.

So by receiving such positivity it can help you with your health and reduce stress.

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