About 25% of people in the United States alone suffer from foot pain. Not only this, but if your feet are misaligned, it could lead to pain and discomfort in other areas of your body, such as your hips, knees, and back. 

This is how arch support inserts can make a difference. If your feet are properly aligned, you’ll have fewer aches and pains and will likely feel better overall. We took a closer look at one arch support provider: The Good Feet Store. 

How Much Do Arch Support Inserts Cost at The Good Feet Store?

Arch supports at The Good Feet Store generally cost between $200 and $500. However, stores also offer multiple arch support packages or systems for a collective cost savings.

Are arch supports from Good Feet Store covered under my insurance?

The Good Feet Store is not a medical provider so they are unable to accept insurance in most cases but if you believe arch supports are covered under your insurance plan, contact your insurance company to find out more.

Individual Arch Support Pairs

Individual arch support pairs generally cost between $200 and $500 at The Good Feet Store. Each arch support product is personally fit during an arch support fitting, and the price depends on what product is determined to meet your needs at the time of purchase.

3-Step System

The Good Feet 3-Step System includes three pairs of personally fitted arch support inserts, including a Maintainer, Strengthener and Relaxer. These pairs are designed to be worn together as a system to improve or eliminate joint pain throughout the body. The Good Feet Store prices for systems can vary. To find out more about the details and cost of a 3-step system, inquire at the Good Feet Store.

How Good Feet Arch Supports Work?

Arch support inserts are placed in your shoes to support the arch of your foot. Good Feet Arch Supports are designed to support all four arches in the foot to help balance weight distribution and improve proper joint alignment throughout the body. Each support can help by:

  • Providing additional stability and balance to the feet
  • Distributing pressure across the foot evenly
  • Aligning the body up the kinetic chain

Other arch supports are available in stores like pharmacies, but these products are generic, degrade quickly, and are unlikely to address an problems with your feet. The Good Feet Store personalizes the experience to hopefully provide a long-term solution: 

  • Every fitting is free. During the consultation, you’ll have a chance to speak with a Good Feet Arch Support Specialist and find the right arch support for you. You’ll have their undivided attention for about an hour, and can ask any questions you might have about arch supports and how they can help you.
  • Most products are protected by a limited lifetime warranty. Meaning you can always come back to a store and be re-fit if need be. The Good Feet Store is committed to your satisfaction with your fitting and the arch supports. 

Common Questions About the Good Feet Store

Are Good Feet Inserts Worth It?

Good Feet Arch Support inserts are worth it. The Good Feet Store has high rates of success, uncompromised quality, and their products are manufactured here in the USA. They offer a personalized one-on-one service, a try before you buy policy, and even provide follow up calls to check progress. These are just some of the factors that make Good Feet a leader in the industry. While other options may seem less expensive, most find that it pays to invest in a quality product. 

Is The Good Feet Store a Good Deal?

For the cost, The Good Feet Store offers a thoughtful comprehensive system. Every fitting at the Good Feet Store allows you to try the arch supports in store, in your own shoes, for free and there’s no obligation to buy. If you do decide to purchase, many models of Good Feet Arch Supports are also covered by a Limited Lifetime Warrany.

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Can You Get Your Money Back from The Good Feet Store?

Each Good Feet Store is individually owned and operated, and policies may vary slightly from store to store. The Good Feet Store’s standard policy is for a 30 day resize/exchange, no refunds. However, Good Feet stands behind their customer satisfaction policy. If you have any questions, contact the store where you made your purchase, they can further assist you.

They Have Worked for Thousands

Want to know more about how The Good Feet Store and Good Feet Arch Supports have helped thousands of customers? See Good Feet’s online reviews for success stories. 

Where to Get Good Feet Arch Supports?

Good Feet Store Arch Supports are sold in stores around the country. You can find a store near you through the Good Feet website.

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