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Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy After 35 – Before & During Pregnancy

At present, medical care and equipment are comprehensive. Most babies born to pregnant women in their 40s and 40s are also very healthy. However, they may still bear more risks than pregnant women of the best childbearing age between 20 and 34. Therefore, pregnant women over the age of Pregnancy After 35 may need some special protective measures.

Pregnancy After 35

To ensure health during pregnancy, older women should observe the following basic Pregnancy After 35 rules:

  1. Early regular antenatal care checks are best started before pregnancy. Amniotic fluid diagnosis, ultrasound, chorionic hair sampling, and maternal serum examination can be used to check for defects that may occur at birth.
  2. Develop healthy eating habits before and during pregnancy, and have an appropriate weight and height before pregnancy. You can ask the doctor to recommend some health