Most people with sleep apnea admit to not having quality sleep and feeling tired upon waking up. Faced with this kind of problem, you can seek help from health professionals. Your Sunnyvale sleep dentistry professional is particularly sensitive to the well-being of patients trying to deal with sleep problems. Individuals can benefit from a wide range of dental procedures to solve their sleep problems. Before you seek help, there are several things you need to know about sleep dentistry.

What Causes sleep apnea Problems?

Stress, chronic pain, overwork, environment, poor lifestyle, and depression are some of the disruptive elements that can cause sleep disorders. Unfortunately, some of these factors are difficult to unearth, and individuals may stay for many years without knowing they are victims of sleep disorders or insomnia. As a result, sleep apnea cases are isolated and common among certain individuals.

Effects of Poor sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is precisely a disruptive condition caused by a relaxation of your throat muscles and the tongue. Subsequently, this prevents you from breathing normally, thereby causing frequent sleep interruptions at night. Most often, you may not remember these episodes of temporary suffocation when you wake up.

However, it is a severe condition that can lead to oxygen deprivation of the brain, and repeated cuts in your REM sleep can lead to other health conditions such as irritability, headache, and loss of memory and concentration, as well as permanent fatigue.

Seeking Medical Intervention

If you think you are a victim of sleep apnea, it is vital to seek an appointment with your doctor to assess and treat this disorder. Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, sleep dentistry is a branch of dentistry that evaluates the anatomical structure of the mouth to determine the cause of sleep apnea and recommends the best treatment option.

The doctor also ensures you are in good health before suggesting a suitable treatment option. They may also explore other causes of sleep apnea, such as smoking or if you are an overbite individual. After the treatment, your doctor emphasizes the need for good oral hygiene, such as cleaning the braces, brushing, and flossing to relieve the Sleep Disorders quickly and effectively.

Treatment Option sleep apnea

The goal of the treatment is to enhance the flow of the air through your lungs. Your doctor may recommend using custom-fit braces, which are dental appliances that sit comfortably in your mouth, thereby keeping the jaw in the correct position to prevent obstruction to the airways. The doctor may also recommend tongue retention devices that prevent the tongue from obstructing the airways.

The treatment option depends on the severity of your condition and oral structure. For instance, some people have a problem adjusting the jaw during sleep, and therefore the doctor may recommend the device for holding the tongue.

Undoubtedly, sleep apnea is a cause of concern as it can disrupt your everyday life and general lifestyle. Unfortunately, most people do not know where or how to commence their treatment journey. If you are suffering from long-term sleep deprivation, the specialists at Perio & Implant Centers of Monterey Bay – Silicon Valley, will conduct a thorough examination to inform you of the right treatment plan.

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