We all know how important it is to look after our health now. From following a healthy diet to finding the best ways to destress naturally or getting regular exercise, the modern world gives us more information than ever on how to stay in shape. Health is also an important sector in society and plays a key role in making sure that people who need medical attention can get it. Health is also a key employer and plays a vital role in the national economy.

As shown in this report on people employed in US hospitals from Statista, the health sector in the US has gone from having around 5 million hospital staff in 2000 to over 7 million in 2019. It is also now thought that one in eight Americans are employed in the whole healthcare industry! Along with the chance to help people, the attraction of following a career in health for many is the large choice of paths you could take.

One of the most popular career options is adult gerontology nursing. In fact, it is classed as being the third most sought-after role for nurse practitioners. What does this involve exactly?

What is Adult Gerontology Nursing?

Working in adult gerontology nursing involves treating adults, the elderly and adolescents. As this age range covers around 81% of the population, adult gerontologists are often in demand. The main responsibilities of this job include assessing, diagnosing and creating health plans for patients. To be more specific, typical duties would be carrying out physical examinations, looking at diagnostic tests, researching information on medical history, and administering various therapies. People who follow this career path can work in outpatient clinics, private practices, hospitals and inpatient units.

What do you need to do to follow this career?

As you would expect, you need certain credentials to enter this role. To begin with, you would need a degree in nursing and then valid registered nurse status. You would then need to complete a master’s degree in nursing and also a postgrad APRN course. Once you have graduated from an adult gerontology practitioner program like this, you would then need to pass the relevant certification exam to start work.

It goes without saying that carefully choosing where to study these qualifications is key. Wilkes University is a top choice for adult gerontology, as it has a variety of courses to get the qualifications needed. Its online courses are perfect for people already working and its commitment to supporting students is second to none.

Why become employed in adult gerontology nursing?

There are some awesome reasons to think about following this career path. It enables you to help people in need and make a real difference in society. Adult gerontologists are also in demand, and this means that it offers decent career prospects, along with good job security. With an average salary of just over $90,000 per year, it is also a role that offers a very good salary.

Adult gerontology is a rewarding career

Hopefully, the above has clarified what adult gerontology nursing is, what it involves, how to get started, and what benefits it brings. Health is a sector with lots of fabulous roles, but few are as in demand or rewarding as this one.

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