Every day there more and more customers on the search for beauty products turn to Korean beauty and Skin Care Brand. The Kbeauty industry has earned a reputation because of its dedication to high-quality cosmetic lines and innovation in sourcing natural ingredients and formulas.

One particular cosmetic brand has been making waves with their top of the line Korean Beauty Products. Skinfood has been a household name in the cosmetic industry since its earliest days. Tracing its founding back to the 1950s, the company has steadily grown into a beauty product powerhouse, boasting one of the largest collections of products to date.

Below are four reasons for the Korean companies success in Skin Care Brand, and its popularity among consumers:

1. Strong Brand Identity

One of the many reasons why the brand is so famous is its strong brand identity. The unmistakable motto “feed your skin, it deserves a treat,” and distinct product packaging and marketing; the company boasts no introduction to products that need it. From its beginning to the present date, its identity has remained consistent, drawing inspiration from conventional foods and natural extracts to create products with a familiar and naturally healthy feel.

Their principle has given rise to hundreds of products from its lines with tropical or floral themes, emphasizing fragrance and scent. An easy way to tell when you have one of their products in hand is when you think it smells good enough to eat!

2. Naturally-Sourced Skin Care Brand

These days, it’s essential to consider the kinds of brands you’re supporting. If a company is known to conduct animal cruelty and shady business practices, people are less likely to recommend them and more likely to promote their competitors. Consumers are more prudent in doing background checks, which has paid off for Skinfood.

The very best of cosmetic brands have one thing in common: their products speak for themselves. The Skin Care Brand is no exception to this, as it has strides in sourcing natural ingredients and extracts to use in its most popular formulas. Their commitment to adding fragrant, soothing properties to their skincare products is also a huge positive for consumers.

Drawing inspiration from food and nature has given the Korean company a unique perspective on what makes an exceptional skincare product. They are well known for using typically unconventional ingredients to create products that are nourishing and effective.

3. Expansive Customer Choice

Skinfood has released hundreds of best-selling products and has continuously developed the cutting edge in skincare cosmetics, expanding from essential food ingredients to more complicated ones. These steady and numerous releases mean that faithful customers never need to look elsewhere for their beauty needs, as the company is sure to have what you are looking for in stock.

The company has experience catering to all skin types and conditions, and have product lines that are the fruit of decades of research and development. Even with all the success, the brand still releases new and improved products all the time.

4. Wide International Availability

One of the reasons why people love the Korean brand is its accessibility. Consumers looking to get their hands on one of the company’s products never have to look for long, as one of their 150 branches all over Asia will most likely have what they need. And if they do not, one of the hundreds of certified resellers found online can order from their vast catalogs to satisfy them.

Their reliability and wide array of options in physical markets, coupled with their robust online presence through their websites and with resellers, is one of the main reasons customers have stuck by them all these years.


Overall, consistency, a strong identity, and a unique approach to developing natural beauty products have propelled the Korean company to great success worldwide. A visit to one of their many marketplaces will treat you to a wide selection of top quality products, all in their trademark food-inspired themes and packaging.

More than being a fun gimmick, each product is dermatologically tested, and guaranteed to soothe and heal your skin, while bringing familiar sensations and fragrances that are sure to delight. With all this in mind, it is not farfetched to imagine that the brand will remain a big name in the cosmetic industry for many more years to come.

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