Have you ever wanted to care for your hair but have no idea where to start? Here are some routines that would change once you start applying them to Care For Your Hair. 

Pillowcase and Bonnet 

This is extremely important and probably one of the most important factors in caring for your hair. Always use silk or satin pillowcase if you are the type that sleeps with a hair bonnet and wakes up without it. For the guys, you can wear a silk or satin durag to sleep. 

Silk and satin, don’t soak up hair products like oils which may in turn cause skin breakout and is harmful Care For Your Hair. Also, they help give you a peaceful night sleep especially after making those fresh long braids. You wouldn’t want those playing a game of tug war with your cotton pillowcase. 

Hair Porosity and Density

The porosity of your hair is the ability of the hair to soak up moisture. If the hair is highly porous, it has more cuticles to absorb liquid. This could be natural or side effects from toxic chemicals used on the scalp. The fact that the hair is porous also means it can absorb moisture easily. 

A side effect is, it can also cause product build up because it would absorb moisture from the air. Air moisture would make the hair frizzy. To combat this, wash your hair with a healthy shampoo once or twice a week.  You can also use a scalp massager.

You can run a hair porosity test to discover your own level of porosity. 

Step 1

Place a strand or two of your hair in a bowl of water.

Step 2

Allow it to stay for a few minutes. 

Step 3

If it’s floating, it has low porosity. If it sank, it has high porosity. 

The density of your hair is determined by the hair volume. If your scalp is easily seen without partitioning it, it has a low density. The contrast is highly densed which can be caused by a variety of reasons like nutrition, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, menopause, and more. Eating eggs, berries, fatty fish, and more protein have been proved to have positive effects on the health of our hair. Some hair products can also cause this low or high density.

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Buy Good Hair Tools

Hair tools can damage your hair especially heat-based products. Hence, read the manual of the tool, watch videos on how to properly use them. Read articles and be knowledgeable of your tools. Good products come with a warranty that gives you hope of an exchange if it ends up being faulty. 

Trim Your Ends

Regardless of the length of your hair, it needs a regular trim. Split ends and damaged hair are horrible. Often, the scalp is the one with the most attention and the ends suffer from lack of products etc. To avoid breakage, ensure that every part of your hair receives proper care. Trim your hair regularly depending on how fast it grows that is between six – eight weeks. Let go off the old so the new can stay healthy and glowing.

Keep Hands Out Of Your Hair

There’s nothing as crippling as having strangers trying to run their hands through your hair or in another case, you could be the one violating your hair’s privacy. It is tempting and most times, requires intentional efforts to stop but do try. After the process of protecting your hair with oils, it is not healthy to continue to touch your scalp thereby, ruining your hand and other body parts you touch with same hand.

Also, the dirt from your hands or that of strangers can in fact harm your hair. No one can see the microbacteria on their hand, so avoid it. 

Caring for your hair doesn’t require a big feat. It only means changing a few traditions and upgrading your knowledge on a few things that have been left ignored for far too long.

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