Everybody likes a million-dollar smile, especially if it comes with Pearly White Teeth. And facts are that there are people who have standards of pearly white and beautiful set of teeth. White always looks good in the eyes of all men, and it gives Confidence to the bearer. There is a common fallacy of old folks that says Yellow teeth are healthy and tough, but as what was mentioned, it’s a fallacy, which means the whole idea, argument, or belief is False. 

The following are some tips about why people have yellow teeth: Coffee, Tea, and Soda cause them to stain. These are some common factors why people develop stains. According to research, two to three cups of coffee in a day can strain one’s white teeth. And to aggravate the situation, the yellowy color will manifest in front of the teeth.

This, in itself, is very bad dental care. Smoking is also one common cause of discoloration. As proof of this, look for people who have smoking habits for a long time, and you will see yellow stains every time they smile. You can contact an emergency dentist in Houston. Emergency dentistry is made available to you for a number of procedures for teeth whitening .

To aggravate still tobacco stains quickly and such stains are very hard to remove. Yet this is one very, very bad dental care. These can lower down a person’s personality and can decrease his level of confidence, not to mention his reputation. I mean, who would like to have the reputation of “Hag like smiles,” right? But white and shiny teeth are within everyone’s reach.

Here are some tips in finding affordable dental care. Brush, this may sound cliché, but the basics are still the basis of everything. This is one fundamental dental care that I know. But brushing isn’t enough. One needs to brush 3-4 times a day, one after waking up, and then the rest is after every meal. Another addition to this is flossing. 

This is another way of ensuring total cleanliness. But it does not stop brushing alone. The user should also change his/her toothbrush every three months because worn-out bristles can’t perform well and may not remove plaque. Use toothpaste that is purposely created to give the user white and shiny teeth. 

You can consult your local dentist about this. Or you may also research on this matter over the internet. Try chewing raw vegetables once a day. These vegetables also aid in cleaning one’s teeth. Plus, these veggies are natural fibers that cleanse the body. Logically, you don’t only get cleaned in the inside; you also get a bonus of having your teeth cleaned. 

Strawberries also have a natural bleaching effect, plus its one good source of vitamin c. But you should even know if you’re allergic to them. One good dental care is, try adding common raw salt in your toothpaste. They will help in reducing stains. Another affordable dental care is, try rubbing bay leaf three times a week. Bay leaf works in rubbing off many kinds of stains. 

The good this about bay leaf is that it is affordable and it works. There is also one natural herb that I know. Try applying lightly burnt almond shell powder. Do it two times a day and check it after a fortnight. The results are surprising. Lastly, have a regular check up on your dentist. 

Regular checkups with your dentist also include Oral cancer screenings, which is very beneficial to you. Dental care is very important not only to children but to all people as well. Doing the said recommendation does not instantly give you good dental care results, but constant cleaning and proper care will surely bring surprising results after a month or so. So say goodbye to those hag-like smiles and wear those pearly white’s. And be confident!

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