Coffee does affect our oral health in more ways than you can imagine. From staining the teeth to ruining the smile, from causing a dry mouth to weakening the tooth enamel, your favorite beverage can harm your dental health in different ways. Even studies have proved that the ingredients of coffee are bad for our teeth and gums, and we should have them in moderation to stay out of harm’s way. 

But yes, if you’re careful about the consumption and keep the intake to minimum levels and also pay attention to oral care, there is no reason coffee can harm more than it should. There are ways in which you can negate some of the bad effects of coffee and maintain the natural strength and vigor of your oral health. This is how you can stay on top of your oral health forever.

Here are some of how coffee does affect our oral health –  

  1. Coffee stains and discolors your teeth  

Coffee can stain and discolor your teeth more than you can even think of. It can seep into the ridges and pits within the enamel of a tooth to change the tone, shade, and color of your pearly whites. That’s why coffee drinkers have yellowish teeth, which over time, weaken and ruin the smile completely.   

However, you can avoid stains and discoloration by taking proper oral care and by limiting the intake of your favorite beverage to certain times of the day only. To minimize the effects of coffee, rinse the mouth with water and try to drink it through a straw. You can also eat raw veggies and fruits to wash away the stains easily.

  1. Coffee can lead to bad breath 

It is not only stains your teeth but may also lead to bad breath. You should not be surprised to know that your favorite beverage can stick to the tongue and change the odor in your mouth. All the ingredients present in a cup of coffee can take the freshness of your breath away to leave you with bad breath.  

But yes, you can fight off bad breath that coffee causes by brushing your teeth regularly and by scraping the tongue after the drink is done. You can also prevent foul smell in the mouth by eating some food before drinking a cup of coffee. If you’re good with oral care, there is no reason why coffee can harm you beyond a minimum level. 

  1. Coffee can cause dry mouth 

Coffee is one of the major causes of dry mouth. When you drink coffee, it can negatively affect saliva production in the mouth. And when there is not enough saliva, your mouth will not be able to clean and stay balanced naturally. After all, saliva is the reason why our teeth and gums are healthy as it helps wash away food debris, bacteria, plaque, and germs.

Since saliva is essential for keeping the mouth healthy, you should, therefore, avoid drinking too much it on a regular basis. Even if you can’t fully control the habit, you should at least try to limit the intake and increase the level of oral care to negate the harms this beverage can have on your oral health. 

  1. Coffee can weaken your teeth

It is terrible for your teeth because it’s an acidic beverage. Any food or drink with acid content is harmful to our teeth, and the less we consume them, the better it will be for our oral health. The acid present in coffee gives bacteria a perfect environment to grow and cause harm leading to enamel erosion. 

With constant acid in the mouth, your teeth will become thin, weak, and brittle over time. And when your teeth are dull, they will be more prone to a variety of other oral problems, including decay, cavities, and sensitivity. Worse still, the sugar and cream present in your can cause more harm to your teeth over time.

Final thoughts 

Coffee is bad for your oral health though you can consult a top dentist Bushwick and find ways to minimize the harms caused by your favorite beverage. This is how you can stay on top of your dental health and keep your teeth and gums forever healthy.

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