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How to Help Children Brush their Teeth?

Although we have been brushing our teeth for many years, most of us are surprised when their dentist tells them that they are not doing it correctly. Therefore, it is essential that we should teach our children how to take care of their teeth at an early age.

We understand that, as parents, it may not be easy for you to teach your child the correct method for brushing their teeth. However, a little bit of encouragement and creativity can do the trick. To make it easier for you, the American Dental Association offers the following tips to help your child develop the best dental habits.

  1. Brushing Should be Fun 

As long as you’re creative, and you can make it a fun activity, your kids will look forward to brushing their teeth each day! Try reading an exciting story for them while they brush or let them listen to their favorite music. You can also play videos for them that teach how to brush the teeth properly.

  1. Make it a Family Practice!

Kids love to follow their parents in everything they do. Therefore, you need to become a role model for them, not just to make them good citizens, but also to teach them good physical and oral hygiene habits. Another benefit of brushing your teeth together as a family is that you can monitor how your children brush their teeth and correct them if required.

  1. Stick to the Routine

Research suggests that you can convert into a habit, only if you do it punctually and regularly. This is also true for brushing! You might feel tempted to skip brushing at the end of a tiring day, but persistence is the key to success. With the passage of time, it will become a second habit and you, and your kids will find it easier to follow the brushing routine.

  1. Reward your Kids!

Encouragement and reward can go a long way in ensuring that your child develops the habit of brushing his or her teeth. Parents often reward their kids for scoring good grades, so why not reward them for brushing their teeth as well? Afterall, regular brushing is not only essential for having pearly white teeth, but also for ensuring optimal physical health and wellbeing of your kids. You don’t need to give them fancy gifts to reward them, just reading their favorite story at bedtime, or simply saying, “I am proud of you” can do the trick.

  1. Tooth decay with braces

If your kid has got braces then it is important for them to maintain proper oral hygiene with braces. This will help them avoid various oral health problems like cavities, teeth stains and tooth decay with braces. For this regular tooth brush won’t work. You will need interdental tooth brush for effective cleaning with braces.

  1. Shopping is Fun!

When you go shopping, let your kids select the toothbrush or toothpaste they like. Brushing will become more interesting for them once they get to have their oral hygiene products carrying stickers of their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters. However, you need to make sure that whatever they choose, carries the seal of approval of the American Dental Association.

A family that brushes together stays together! Teaching your children good oral hygiene habits can go a long way in ensuring that they retain their pearly whites throughout life, and also in helping them maintain excellent oral and physical health. You can ask your dentist or dental hygienist for more information on how to brush and floss properly.

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