Heading to the gym for the first time can be a daunting experience for people. It doesn’t matter about their size. Entering the door of the gym for the first time is a big step! Once you make that step and make the commitment to attend the gym, you will only benefit. Arrange to go to a gym that you will be able to get to regularly easily, don’t choose one that is far away from home or work. Also, another strong tip is to go to the gym for the first time with a friend; if you have someone who is relying on you to go, there are far less chances that you will let them (or yourself) down and not go along.

While working out in the gym initially can be very tough and might make you re-think your reasons for starting in the first place, ultimately in the long run, it is really important for your health and, of course, your long term fitness. However, there are also hidden benefits of being a gym-goer. Regular exercise releases endorphins, which make people feel good; furthermore, your sleep is positively affected too by regular exercise, which is a welcomed benefit.

A first gym visit can be scary but be strong and speak to the gym consultants and trainers who will put your mind at ease with everything. Also, ask to be shown how to use the machines in the gym because wrongly using them can result in you injuring yourself! You could also choose a personal training program whereby the gym instructors will be with you for the duration of your gym session helping you along with your progress; they also chart out a plan for you and, in general, are a good motivator. Many people, unfortunately, gather injuries from not being used to the gym machines or doing exercises that they have seen online but don’t fully understand!

The Infographic below from The Intelligent Health outlines details about the gym for people who are new to using it as a facility. It covers some essential tips, includes some expert advice, and it explains some of the “lingo” involved plus lots more. Check out the full graphic below for the full details!

Gym 101 for Newbies, Trend Health

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