When you want to push your body the extra mile, motivation is essential. Fortunately, there are countless tricks and tools you can use to keep your motivation levels up as you exercise. One of the best ways to maintain your drive and energy is to pop on your headphones and listen to music.

Music is a well-known motivation hack, so it’s not surprising that many of the world’s top athletes incorporate music into their training regimes. For example, the Olympic swimming champ Michael Phelps says that hip-hop and EDM is a key part of his pre-race ritual for significant events, he explains: “I have walked out to race with my headphones on throughout my whole career… It helps me to relax and get into my little world.”

Research studies confirm that music has an empowering effect on the body and the mind. Music can enhance performance by raising the heart rate while reducing blood pressure. It can also boost our metabolism so that we can consume energy more efficiently.

There is also a psychological component to consider. Music is a very effective way of alleviating feelings of stress and fatigue. It can boost our focus by blocking out demotivating or distracting sounds. Music’s immersive nature also helps athletes to stay energized and ignore the physical toll of the exercise. Many people also find that the aural encouragement offered by the lyrics is a great motivator.

Check out this infographic from My Fitness Boutique to learn why music isone of the best tools you can use to stay motivated during your workout.

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