Urban people are usually busy with work and Holiday Healthy Eating. When they are on holiday, they will relax and eat, drink, and play. As a result, they will have to bear the cost of indulging their diet after the holiday. Not only will they gain weight, but they may even affect their health. Here are some memo notes for a Holiday Healthy Eating.

1. Avoid Overeating

During the Holidays Human spirit more will be in a Relaxed state, increased appetite, and even forget the usual control, resulting in overeating behavior, especially their favorite food, will eat non-stop mouth. During the Holidays, you should pay Attention to the weight of the diet. If you have more meals, you may wish to eat less and eat more meals, to avoid Unintentionally eating too much.

2. Avoid Snacks and keep your hands away.

Holiday programs are nothing more than playing Mahjong, watching movies, or watching TV at home. Snacks are the best companions for these activities, especially those high in fat, sugar, and calories. In addition to being prone to Obesity, it will also affect the appetite during dinner.

3. Avoid Blind dieting.

Amy ladies may take advantage of the holiday and implement high-fiber, low-calorie diets to lose weight. But when the body begins to get used to lower heat consumption, it will return to a normal diet as the holiday ends. The absorbed food will exceed the lower heat energy consumption that the body is accustomed to. In contrast, it will become fatter, and the holiday effort will be in vain.

4. Abstain from Eating Regularly

It is also common to combine breakfast and lunch during holidays or expect a rich dinner without starving all day. In both cases, the amount of food consumed during the meal will be greatly increased at once, so that the extreme from extreme hunger to fullness will harm the stomach and overall health.

Eight Principles of Holiday Smart Food

Every holiday, we can easily eat more than usual, satisfying our appetite, but suffering from Gastrointestinal Problems, many people will gain weight or have gastrointestinal discomfort after the holiday. The following teaches you how to spend a healthy holiday.

Holidays are imminent. In addition to enjoying shopping, in addition to relaxing during the holidays, there will often be overeating. How to control your diet and spend a healthy holiday, you may wish to remember the following eight items:

  1. The day before the party or celebration, remember not to fast. Because doing so will often make you eat more when replying to eating. It is best to eat a little bit before going to the meeting.
  2. Try to balance your diet as much as possible, and do n’t just eat meat or cake desserts. Before eating, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
  3. Control yourself—especially when you eat buffet, when you are full of your favorite foods, you must choose carefully. If you want to eat high-fat and high-calorie foods, you should be warned to try to take less and Eat light vegetables or fruits after every serving.
  4. Including sports in holiday activities, if you usually have the habit of exercising, it is best not to stop during holidays. If there is no time, more walks and stairs can also help burn calories.
  5. Drink as much water as possible, especially a large glass of water before going to the banquet, can reduce a little appetite, so as not to eat too much food.
  6. Try to use fruits and vegetables as snacks. This is the most effective weapon when the desire to eat is high, but when eating salads, choose carefully and eat less sauce.
  7. Rather than being busy losing weight after the holidays, it is better to prepare some low-calorie foods for yourself.
  8. If you cook in person and make the food into smaller portions, such as making mini cookies or thinner chocolate pie, you can reduce the chance of overeating.
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