How to get rid of a sore throat?

Sore throat remedies at home can substantially relief your throat symptoms, treated quickly over the counter medication. From decades bacteria resistance against antibiotics has been noticed. So extensive use of medication to treat sore throat without health consultant can lead to potentially dangerous results or some cases more deadly infection if not treated properly.

Over dosage of antibiotics has contributed bacteria resistance, particularly throat infection, in the modern age if you got sore throat infection and visited the doctor. He will suggest sore throat remedies at your home before writing any medical prescription. Sore throat is one kind of viral infection, not a bacterial, so definitely, antibiotics will not perform in such cases, and natural treatment will pay you great relief.

Causes of Sore Throat

Causes of sore throat are many such as allergies from pollution, dry air, flu, measles, cold during illness, and these all are the viral types of infection, and antibiotics will not receive a response. Some bacteria response to the sore throat like strep throat, diphtheria, and whooping cough, and antibiotics only recommend by doctors in serve cases of swollen tonsils block the throat.

Remedies for Sore Throat

If you have serious or even at the initial stage, it’s painful to seat your dreamful night sleep, licorice root is very useful to treat sore throat and according to modern research if licorice is added in the water for garlic solution. The great counter effect has been noticed against viral sore throat infection by using this practice.

Traditional slippery Elm is one remedy to treat sore throat, research of universities shows that Native Americans commonly use slippery Elm for relieving sore throat and cough. Naturally, Slippery Elm has the substance of mucus, and when you mixed with water, it becomes in the form of a gel. You can use it by boiling this water and pour it for drinking.

If you mix the honey in tea and straight away take it, this is one of the remedies to treat a sore throat at home from decades. According to the scientific study, 140 children infected by upper respiratory infection and dose of honey at night time proved more effective against common cough suppressants.

sore throat symptoms

Salt in boil water for garlic is the common at-home remedy for sore throat infection. One study of the University of Connecticut, three times a day, garlic warm saltwater relief & calm the sore throat and slow down the ooze, swelling, and help to kill the bacteria in the throat.

Marshmallow root is one remedy to treat sore throat, add some roots in the boiling water and take sips will greatly help throat pain, practice it two-three times a day while you’re a victim of throat infection.

Do not smoke or instantly avoid other tobacco products because the use of tobacco products will lift the hype of sore throat infection.

Paper mint oil is another source to relief the harshness of sore throat; paper mint oil contains the menthol that helps thin mucus and tranquil sore throat symptoms.

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