How to increase sperm count?

The Low sperm count is major reason for the male infertility. Also low sperm motility and a large number of various abnormal sperms are also the other cause for male infertility. How to increase sperm count. Various biological and environmental factors affect the sperm count. Having more than 20 million sperm per milliliter or near is considered normal.

The increased sperm count is a significant matter in all aspects of life; also it emits the strong sexual occurrence for the man and is also very useful for couples who are trying to get pregnant.

Read on to find out here some of the best ways on how to increase sperm count and get just the preferred results fast. Trend health

Causes of Low Sperm Count

1. Infected or contaminated semen or sperms
2. Tight or tensed underwear, extremely hot water bathing, sitting for long hours, obesity or over weight in which adipose tissues droop on testicles thereby decreasing sperm count
3. Very common semen ejaculations also escort to decreased sperm count and males may become efficiently infertile or impotent. Hence upholding a space of three days between two successive ejaculations keeps a man healthy and fertile.
4. Smoking
5. Excessive alcohol consumption.
6. Excessive physical and mental workload
7. Deficiency of mineral like Zinc
8. Infections in prostate gland are also a major cause.
9. Malformation genital organs or genetelia.
10. Anabolic usage of steroids
15 Ways you can Increase Your Sperm Count

1. Have more sex & decrease the masturbation – It is a fact that more often you ejaculate, your semen will become less dense. At least maintain a space of three days between two successive ejaculations.
2. Cease your habit of smoking, alcohol intake. – Alcohol distresses your liver activity that causes a theatrical rise in estrogen levels. Even two drinks per day will cause a long term effects on sperm generation
3. Exercise frequently. Exercising your PC muscle can aid you shoot more than ever before.
4. Eat healthy food-diet which is low in fat increasing substances and rich in protein, vegetables and grains is good for your healthiness and for your sperm. Avoid bitter, astringent, greasy and spicy food stuff. Reduce intake of coffee and tea.
5. Prevent heating of testicles – Wear comfortable, loose, cotton boxer shorts, prevent extreme hot baths and saunas baths
6. Lose any extra pounds hanging from your body that disrupts the hormonal balance especially of testosterones and estrogens.
7. Decrease stress levels by learning relaxation methods – Keep your psyche and physical health by customary practice of YOGA and MEDITATION.
8. Massage your body with herbal oil, which increases the blood circulation.
9. It is a fact that in early morning and at noon sperms are at their highest level in production so try utilizing this time, if possible.
10. Also keep in mind to take extra safety measure with lubricants as most of them are known to damage semen quality. A spermicidal type of lubricant will right away kill the sperm upon contact.
11. Avoid marijuana, cocaine and other illegal substances at all costs they actually destroy the fertilizing ability of sperm, and can hinder the production of new sperm. Often, illegal drugs can reason abnormal sperm shape or deformed sperm.
12. Keep in mind that living a healthy way of life is a proven approach to how to increase sperm count and combat infertility.
13. Using Water properly-
14. Try to cut back on caffeine-
15. Try herbal supplements – Certain herbal supplements assure to increase sperm count. Try SPERMAX which is totally herbal and natural herbal supplement that helps in increasing the sperm count.

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10 Foods That Increase Sperm Count

If you and your partner are trying to conceive, diet and nutrition are an important part of increasing your odds. Both men and women need to keep an eye on the foods they are eating. Adding items to the menu that are not only healthier but also known to increase sperm count can help increase the chances of conception…

  • Oysters
  • Spinach
  • Eggs
  • Fruit Salad
  • Walnuts & Almonds
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Water
  • Whole Grains
  • Decaffeinated Beverages

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There are many kinds of treatments advised to increase sperm count and semen quantity but the use of herbal medicines is the easiest and the most efficient one. There are many herbs also for men’s sexual wellness accessible in the supermarket today. Very promising herbs are: Crocus Sativous, Avena Sativa, Mucuna Pruita, Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, Orichis Latifolia, Withania Somnifera, and Stychncs Nuxvomica.

Taken regularly, these herbs have been proven by many scientific medical studies to help men increase sperm count/semen volume without side effects. Moreover, if these herbs are carefully processed, they help increase sex drive, increase strength and authority, and even improve sentiment.

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