Naturally, the thought of having a baby is very rejoicing for both the partners. And the female gets even more emotionally attached to the child growing in herself. She keeps on daydreaming about her baby and imagines herself as a mother. But if somehow a miscarriage occurs, all the excitement abruptly comes to a stop.

She will feel a range of emotions: sad and disheartened over the loss, angry and resentful it happened to her, and possibly withdrawn from friends and family, especially those who are pregnant or just had babies. Also, she will become physically weak and exhausted after a miscarriage.

Surviving a pregnancy loss can be one of the most challenging things, both mentally and physically, that could ever happen in a woman’s life. For planning a family again, you need to recover physically as well as mentally. How quickly you will recover will depend on how far along you were in the pregnancy when you miscarried.

Proper nutrient intake along with a decent level of regular workout in your workout clothes will not only help you recover but will reduce the risk of another miscarriage occurring in the future. Read on to learn what will happen after a miscarriage, and how you can recover, both physically and emotionally after it happened.

What are the impacts of a miscarriage on a women’s life?

It can take you a few weeks or a month or more to return to full health after a miscarriage because you will be drained out once a miscarriage occurs. When a pregnancy loss occurs, here’s what your body and mind will go through:

Some effects of miscarriage on your physical health:

After a miscarriage, there are chances that you will experience discomfort, weakness, and bleed more than usual. You may have severe pain in your lower abdomen, which may last up to 2 days after your miscarriage. You will feel fatigued and low for weeks after a miscarriage. Along with other medical conditions and pains, you will feel discomfort in your breast too.

Some negative impacts of miscarriage on your Emotional health:

Guilt and anger will go side by side in your post-miscarriage phase. You will try to blame yourself, your parents, God, or your doctor for the loss of your baby. And you feel resentful or envious of other pregnant women around you. Sometimes you might go into a state of denial and ask yourself, “How could this happen to you?” You will try to negate the fact that you have lost your baby.

Utmost depression and a sense of despair will also prevail after a miscarriage. These negative thoughts and feelings cause prolonged periods of intense sorrow, a loss of interest in everyday activities, and a loss of appetite.

The feeling of uncertainty, hopelessness, and vulnerability on whether you will be able to have a baby again is also one of the common mental challenges that you will experience post-miscarriage.  These strong feelings are challenging and should be dealt with care for a speedy recovery.

Ways to take care of yourself after a miscarriage:

Miscarriage can drain you physically and emotionally which will make you lose interest in almost everything. But taking care of yourself after a pregnancy loss is very important if you want to recover from this immutable loss. Here we have jotted down some steps for physical and emotional recovery you should follow after a miscarriage:

Physical recovery:

Take healthy nutrients:

What you eat is very important for your recovery. Healthy diets like iron-rich foods (meat, peas, dried fruits, etc.), feel-good foods (Walnuts, beans, and plain chocolate), and calcium-rich foods (dried fruits, dairy products, milk, seafood, dark green leafy vegetables, and soya) are really good for returning the strength that your body lost in miscarriage. Additionally, you should also keep yourself hydrated to avoid any kind of fatigue and discomfort.

Do a light workout daily:

Keeping yourself active is also important for easy recovery. Regular workouts even of light nature will help you get going during these hard times. Going on a walk for a few miles will be enough in these conditions. Read here to learn more about the significance of workouts.

Take rest:

You need rest time to heal from the traumatizing experience you have gone through. So give yourself ample time to rest and to sleep deeply. Drink warm milk if you are finding it hard to sleep at night. Doing light exercises will also help you sleep better.

Take medication:

You will experience some degree of pain in your lower abdomen and other body parts after your miscarriage. You can take painkiller tablets, but consulting a doctor before taking them will save you from some of the side effects of pain killers. If the pain does not go away after two weeks of miscarriage, then you should see your doctor.

Emotional recovery:

Pregnancy loss is the darkest of times for every woman. She will experience a range of emotions: sadness, anger, depression, and resentfulness. But if you desire to have a successful pregnancy the next time, besides your physical recovery, you need to recover emotionally too. Here are some suggestions that you can follow for emotional recovery.

Take the doctor’s help:

The doctor is usually the first person who can help you with your emotional recovery. The gynecologist will explain to you all the reasons (like ovarian cysts, smoking, stress, etc.) that could have lead to pregnancy loss. She will explain how important your recovery is for the revelry of another positive pregnancy.

Blaming yourself will not help:

A miscarriage is usually because of some medical abnormalities and it is not your fault. You must accept that it was not your time and miscarriages do happen with people sometimes. With a positive mind, move on to plan a family in the future.

Don’t stress yourself:

After a pregnancy loss, your hormones won’t remain stable and they will take some time to get to normal. Your fluctuating hormones will make you irritable, tetchy, and moody. So try to distract yourself with some healthy activity. And there is no other activity as productive as exercise is to destress yourself.

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