With Coronavirus (COVID Testing) becoming more widespread, the need for immediate results is of utmost importance, COVID Test. 

A great option is, of course, rapid testing, but if you’re like most people, you’re wondering where a rapid test near me is.

In this article, we’ll discuss where they’re located, the benefits of this, and what rapid Covid testing is, so you can know before you go, and help you decide whether to get this or not. 

What is Rapid Covid Testing? 

Rapid Covid testing is a Covid test that offers almost immediate results to determine if you have Covid.

These are usually done by analyzing one of the following: 

  • Antigens
  • Molecular analysis 

With antigens, it’ll tell you if you’re immediately infected or came into contact with someone who is infected or not, and if you have a current Coronavirus infection

The test uses a swab from both the throat and nose, which is analyzed immediately, so even though it feels strange, the quick results make it worth it.  

The results are usually available in a few minutes and are typically done directly by the doctor or clinic. 

This, of course, differs from other tests because it’s a direct swab into there, rather than a saliva sample or an at-home collection test, which may take a few extra days. 

The benefits are as follows: 

  • It’s quick 
  • It’ll tell you if you have come into contact with someone infected
  • It prevents spreading 
  • It allows for immediate treatment of symptoms 

To prevent community spread, a rapid Covid test is important. Below, we’ll go over the best places to get a rapid Covid test.


Drugstores have on-site rapid Covid testing, and it’s typically done via drive-thru. For most people, this is the first place they check for Covid testing. 

It is quick, and the results are immediate so if you’re looking for fast results, you can get it here.

They do require appointments before you go up, but they are affordable, and some places do take insurance. They usually have results within hours, unlike lab testing where it takes a few days. 

You will need the following before going in: 

  • Proof of identity 
  • Email or text message confirmation number 
  • Insurance card if available 

Testing at these sites is usually quick, and you’ll either get an email or text with the results immediately. 

Urgent Care Clinics 

Urgent care clinics are sometimes located at drugstores and pharmacies but may be their own separate entity. This rapid testing is done within the clinic, but you need to schedule an appointment and reserve a spot before you go in. 

You will need to register and check-in online before going into one of these. The appointments are quick, and rapid testing is done right there on-site. 

The rapid test is done in the same manner as is done in other locations, so if you live near an urgent care clinic, this is a valid option to choose. 

Health Department 

The health department does have rapid Covid testing as well. 

However, this tends to fill up fast, so if you don’t act quickly, you may not get in. Community testing is available however for a nominal fee, and usually, the results are immediate. You should contact your health center before going in. 

Doctor’s Office 

Finally, you can go to the doctor’s office to get rapid Covid testing. This is usually done if you’re going in for surgery or other procedures, and you need the results immediately. 

Rapid Covid testing helps with reducing community spread, and with more funds allocated to this, it offers immediate testing, so you know whether you’re infected or not.

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