Papaya, melon tree, breadfruit, or pawpaw is a slender tree up to 10 m high, with an umbrella of long (up to 70 cm) leaves. Fruits develop in the axils of cuttings and reach 45 cm in length. Ripe Papaya Nutrition fruit resembles a pear in shape and has a soft, fragrant amber-yellow pulp.

History and Distribution

Papaya was known to the Indians of Mesoamerica for many centuries before the arrival of Europeans. Papaya milk and papaya fish soup are all nutritious beauty foods. In addition to beauty and diet therapy, papaya has other little-known functions. It contains so many nutrients that it can be the king of many fruits.

Nutrition of Papaya

Papaya has a sweet and juicy taste and can be eaten raw or cooked hot. Contains a variety of nutrients including Vitamins A, B,B1,B2,C,etc., as well asprotein,iron,calcium, papaya enzymes and organic acids. Among them, vitamin A, B and carotene are very rich.

Health Benefits of Papaya

1 Lower Blood Pressure
Papaya can lower blood pressure, cure scurvy and strengthen heart function, so it effectively prevents various heart diseases and high blood pressure.

2 Anticancer Old Age
carotene contained in papaya, is an antioxidant, effective against free radicals damage cells, retard aging, but can fight cancer, prevent cancer.

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3 Helps Digestion
The papaya acid contained in papaya can help decompose animal protein in the intestines, so it can clean up the intestines and stomach, help digestion, and can help treat diseases such as gastritis , duodenal ulcer and indigestion.

4 Cough Relieving
In winter or dry weather, it is prone to throat discomfort and coughing. Using papaya and snow fungus and rock sugar stewed into sugar water can moisturize dry throat, relieve cough and help treat bronchitis .

5 Help Breast Growth
Papaya is rich in protein, which can help breast growth. In addition, during the postpartum breastfeeding period, women who eat more papaya can stimulate the breast line to secrete milk and increase the amount of breastfeeding for the mother.

Interesting Facts

When baked over a fire, papaya fruits smell like fresh bread, which gave this plant the name “breadfruit”.

By 2010, 80% of the Hawaiian papaya harvest comes from genetically modified plants. The new varieties Sunup and Rainbow have been created to counter the dangerous virus that is killing papaya trees.

During the filming of Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford got rid of herniated discs by injecting papain, a substance isolated from the pulp of papaya.

Calories and nutritional value of papaya

The calorie content of papaya is  39 kcal.

Nutritional value of papaya: proteins – 0.61 g, fats – 0.14 g, carbohydrates – 8.01 g

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