Sclerotherapy is often confused with Laser treatment. However, both the procedures differ with different factors. 

In this post, we will cover brief information about how both the procedures are different, so you can decide which procedure is correct for you. 

Sclerotherapy is a clinically non-invasive procedure to treat the veins that get swelled by some neurohormonal changes in the body. There will be swelling in the veins, which shape like a spider in appearance. To treat the swelling of veins, there is the following type of therapy which is sclerotherapy or laser therapy.

Laser therapy is the less painful procedure in which the medical professional will keep a watch on the vein while passing a laser through a tube towards the spider veins. While in sclerotherapy treatment, the doctor asks the patient to be comfortable on the bed to inspect the spider vein; generally, spider vein will occur either the upper limb, lower limb.

Or even face the treatment will start by inspecting and diagnosing the imaging of the affected area and when the patient lies down the affected area will be applied by the ointment and once it’s done the physician starts injecting the agent in the affected veins to treat it the success of this therapy depends upon the physical or the medical professional and once the procedure is completed. The blood has been rerouted to healthier veins. It has become normal. 

So now that we know sclerotherapy is used in the case of large spider veins, patients suffering from spider veins having malformation in minute veins on the surface of the skin can go for laser treatment. This method of treatment is entirely non-invasive. 

Laser treatment involves treating spider veins using a pulsating beam of light. This beam of light emits photons, and these photons are absorbed by blood cells generating a high amount of heat and cause the vein to collapse, and the vein is eventually absorbed by the body. 

This form of treatment has no ill effect and has proved very useful in treating small veins. 

If we treat large spider veins using laser treatment, it will cause more prominent spider veins to darken and get complete clearing. It will take almost 3-4 months after the treatment has been completed. 

We hope you were able to understand both the procedure and how they stand apart. If you have any questions about the same, please leave them in the comments section below.

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